6 Tips for Anyone Traveling to Nice for a Luxury Trip in 2024

We do not have an opportunity to visit exotic and luxury destinations every day. That is why when we get that opportunity, we should take it, don’t you agree? Surely, you can experience something like this in countless places around the globe. Without any doubt, the southern coast of France is easily among the most sought-after ones in the world.

If you want to look at some of these offers, visit France of the Beaten Path. However, we can all agree that Nice is the most interesting destination that attracts millions of foreign tourists every single year. Today, we would like to give our readers some tips for someone about to have a nice, luxury trip in Nice. Without further ado, let us begin.

1. Restaurants

Restaurants in Nice

While it may sound a little bit cliché, visiting the restaurants in Nice is an absolute must. Besides the breathtaking landscapes, you will be able to experience one of the finest cuisines in the Mediterranean.

Surely, Italian cuisine is a great representative of Mediterranean cuisine. Still, dishes you can taste at these places are easily among the best you will find in the whole Mediterranean, not just in France.

There is something that is called Cuisine Nissarde. It is a label that will help tourists recognize top-tier restaurants in Nice. For those who do not know, we are talking about a label that guarantees that the dishes you will taste preserve techniques, ingredients, and flavors characteristic of the dishes in the region. For all these reasons, visiting local restaurants is something you should not miss out on.

2. Free Apps

The next entry on this list might be a bit unexpected, but we would like to point out the massive benefits of free apps you can get while visiting Nice. The city’s main office provides tourists with an array of free apps where they can find guided tours, making their stay much more pleasant and easier. All the most important locations will be pointed out on the map on an app.

Another thing that must be said is that this offer comes in several apps. Some of them are focused on helping tourists get top-notch transport. Moreover, Nice is known as a place where countless movies were filmed.

That is why it is important to know some apps can direct you to some of the best-known places of this sort. Getting free apps will make your trip much smoother; you can be sure of that.

3. Culture

The Bay of Angels

As you can presume, this guide would not be complete without mentioning the local culture. At the same time, local culture is exceptional. Cote d’Azur has become one of France’s most beloved places on the southern coastline.

Among all the great places you can visit to get a grasp of the local culture, you will find Promenade des Anglais. We are talking about a promenade built by the English aristocracy in the 19th century.

One of the names for this place is also the Bay of Angels, a great indicator of what it looks like. Another place where you can find a touch of local culture is Nicolas Alziari. It is located in the Madelaine area of Nice.

It should be said that going through it on a free guided tour is one of the greatest things you can get. Meanwhile, Nice is usually referred to as a luxury destination, but experiencing something for free is never bad.

4. Skiing

The next thing we want to discuss is something you do not expect to hear when discussing the French Riviera: skiing. However, it must be said that Alpes de Haute Provence.

You can utilize several approaches to get there as soon as possible. It is possible to get a train to the Alpes. The train ride will not take more than two hours and will not cost you more than 5 Euros. Another option is renting a car.

If you’re a snow enthusiast closer to Minneapolis & Twin Cities, you’ll be pleased to know that there are fantastic spots for snowboarding and skiing in the nearby regions, offering a winter sports experience just a stone’s throw away.

5. The Beaches

Nice Beach

Of course, not going to the beach when you are in Nice is a massive mistake. The public shore is exceptional, which might be strange for some since public shores are not at the highest level, especially when compared to private ones.

That is why you will be glad to see that the public shore has preserved its great outlook and is as clean as you can imagine. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit local private beaches

A great example of this is the private beach of the Radisson Blue Hotel. The name of the beach is Regence Plage. It is important to know that it is open between April and October, and it will not cost you more than $16 for the whole day for the guests of the hotel. Naturally, this is not the only option you will come across, but this is the one that we believe is the best one out there.

6. Accommodation

The last thing we want to point out is accommodation. The options are countless, so it may take a long time before you can find the one that meets your criteria perfectly.

The first place we want to recommend to you is the Hotel Le Meriden. It is located at the top of Casino Ruhl. It has a great restaurant that offers the best dishes the local cuisine can provide.

We discussed the local cuisine already. The next place we want to talk about is Le Negresco Hotel. A five-star hotel is a national monument.

On the other side, it has an EU Ecolabel, which brands it for its commitment to sustainability. This license is given to the place because of its commitment to renewable energy, reduced plastic waste, and the employment of local suppliers to make them more sustainable.

After discussing the local cuisine and accommodations, another factor to consider when finding the perfect hotel is the location, such as which side of Niagara Falls offers the best experience for your stay.


As you can see, getting prepared for a luxury trip doesn’t have to be daunting. Here, you can take a look at some tips that can help you go through this process as straightforward as possible. We are certain you will find them to be of much help.