Top 10 Interesting South Korea Facts

South Korea FactsVisitors of South Korea will find that it is a beautiful, bustling country still very steeped into its ancient traditions mixed with much modernization. Visitors and locals will find that there are many fun things to do in Seoul as well as the other major cities such as Pusan and Taegu. When planning your South Korea vacation, it is probably a good idea to speak with a Korea travel agency so that they may help to plan your once in a life time vacation. There are many interesting South Korea facts that one may want to be aware of when planning to visit this magnificent country. Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 interesting South Korea facts.

1. Half of the population is Buddhist while the other half is Christian. Christianity was introduced by the Jesuits in China. South Korea is also home to the world’s largest churches.

2. The literacy rate is extremely high in South Korea at 98%. Children of South Korea spend their primary, middle and high school years planning for college. As there are not a lot of colleges, they are very difficult to get into.

3. One of the most surprising of the South Korea facts is that it is the 12th largest trading nation. Major exports include automobiles, electronics, machinery, steel and textiles.

4. After the Korea war there was a major boom in modernization. South Korea went from a 75% rural society to an 82% urban society.

5. Korea was split into North Korea and South Korea after WWII in 1948 and North Korea became a communist country and South Korea did not.

6. Korean is considered one of the best well-planned languages in history. Most Koreans also study English.

7. One of the most contradictory of the South Korea facts is that even with the fast modernization of South Korea; they are a people that are steeped in their tradition and ancient way of life.

8. South Korea celebrates two New Years; one for the western calendar and one for the lunar calendar (around February).

9. In addition to the two New Year’s celebrations there are several other interesting holidays such as Korean Alphabet Day on October 9th which is to mark the creation of the Korean language. In addition to Valentine’s where by Korean tradition, the girls give the guys chocolate and gifts there is also White Day where the guys give the girls more elaborate chocolate and gifts. There is also Black Day where those that are single get together and eat JaJong noodles which are black, hence the name.

10. The people of South Korea are known for being very nice and extremely respectful of their elders. At times they may seem rude, but this is nothing personal just thousands of years of tradition. They also are very pleased when others wish to learn their language and are generally happy to help.

It is very important when planning your South Korea vacation to book Seoul hotels early, especially if you are planning on traveling there during one of these holidays as they will fill up fast. If you speak to your travel agent, you may even be able to find a great Korea tour package so that you can experience the very best of the Korean culture.