7 Most Interesting Facts About The Alamo San Antonio Mission

The Alamo San AntonioA vacation in Texas just wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Alamo San Antonio. After all, Texas’ history begins in San Antonio and the famous battle site of is not only a standing reminder of Texas’ past, but also a part of America’s defining history. There are many fun things to do in San Antonio, as it is rich with history and full of culturally significant attractions, but the Alamo is perhaps its best known historical gem. Here are seven most interesting facts about the Alamo San Antonio Mission that are sure to pique your interest:

1. The Alamo is an eighteenth-century church that was built by Franciscan friars in 1718 as part of a mission to convert the local Indians to Christianity.

2. Located only blocks from the Riverwalk San Antonio, the Alamo is a secluded compound on over four acres, visited by more than two and a half million people a year.

3. The chapel at the Alamo mission is known as the “Shrine of Texas Liberty” and is a symbol of courage and sacrifice for the cause of American liberty.

4. The battle of the Alamo occurred when a small band of around two-hundred Texans, led by David Crockett, James Bowie, and William B. Travis, held out against General Santa Anna’s large army for a period of thirteen days before finally being defeated.

5. Sam Houston defeated General Santa Anna at San Jacinto a few weeks later, uttering the battle-cry that would come to be famous around the world: “Remember the Alamo!”

6. The Alamo San Antonio was badly damaged in battle, then was bought by the state of Texas in 1905 and later given over to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, who maintain the compound to this day.

7. A rather small limestone building, The Alamo San Antonio measures only about sixty feet wide and thirty feet tall.

Any trip to San Antonio should include an experience of its rich history and cultural significance. There’s no better way to meet the ghosts of Texas’ past than to take one of the many San Antonio tours through the Alamo.