Visit China: Li River Cruise Review

Li River CruiseThere are many China tourist attractions that must not be missed while on vacation in China. The Li River is one of the most beautiful places to visit in China. This majestic river runs through the whole eastern area of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

A Li River cruise is perhaps the best choice you can make when you set your course for the orient. Not only is the atmosphere tranquil and serene, but also, you have the opportunity to explore on your own.

Not everyone wants to visit China on a huge cruise ship and this is where a river cruise really shines. You still have the great cuisine and friendly passengers, but it is much more intimate.
Li River flows through the towns of Guilin, Yangshuo, Pingle and Wuzhou. Visitors of this beautiful river will enjoy many views of waterfalls as well as the beautiful mountains that surround it. Visitors will also be able to spot many species of China’s wildlife.

In addition, a Li River cruise usually includes three types of activities, where you can still see the river, no matter which one you choose. For example, you can hike with a guide or set out alone. If you choose a full route, make sure you bring the proper hiking boots. You can also choose a half-hike or a full raft day.

The best places to visit in China seem to be located directly on the river and they include small villages like Jiumahua Mountain. When you want to experience true Chinese culture, untouched by city traffic or technology, this should be on your short list.

You should always try to take advantage of certain seasons when considering your Guilin tours, because China does have a rainy season, which begins in April and lasts until around July. This can place a damper on your vacation.

If you must book China River cruises between June and July, beware that this is the end of the rainy season and sudden downpours happen frequently.

The best season to book a Li River Cruise is called high season because the water levels are highest. However, these six months do include the rainy season too. Therefore, try to arrive during the first week of April or the last two weeks in October.

You will certainly enjoy a Li River cruise anytime during these months, unfortunately, there is also one drawback. Most people are aware of this fact and it gets really, busy. If you can, try to schedule the first week of April or the last week of October.

The water levels on the river are lowest beginning the second week of November and last until the third week in March. They also shorten the length of the cruises by approximately two hours. The downside is they cut your time. The advantage is fewer people.