Vietnam Cruises Are Gaining Popularity – What Is The Reason?

Vietnam CruisesVietnam cruises are gaining popularity for a number of reasons, including the food. You can put aside all of the taboos and stereotypes you may have heard about Vietnamese cuisine; it is absolutely to die for. Taking a cruise is a great way to get two vacations in one; the sea and the land all wrapped up in a cute little package that usually includes entertainment on the ship and excellent sightseeing, once docked.

In addition to the food, another reason Vietnam cruises are becoming so popular is because of the people, they are super-friendly and make you feel like part of the family; literally everywhere you go, you are sure to find someone with a smile on their face. It can at times, be downright annoying but they are so genuine that it never comes across as phony or pretentious.

Some Vietnam tour packages can be a little pricy, but if you do your homework, you can surely find a few that will not break your budget. Also, since they do not have sales tax, you will get a lot of ‘bang for your buck’ while shopping.

In fact, one great money-saving tip is to visit during the off-season. Planning Vietnam cruises during the summer must be avoided if possible; it is the worst time of the year.

Typically, June and July are when the Vietnam tourist attractions are jam packed, especially the beaches. Instead, go during the fall or winter months when things slow down.

Decide early if you prefer to choose from cruises from Shanghai or Hong Kong, which can also cut down on the tourists; most choose Hong Kong.

As you sail along the waters, an instant transformation occurs. Between the exceptional weather and the mixture of aromas wafting through the air, you will understand what paradise is.

Because Vietnam is located in South East Asia, many Asian cruises will automatically include this country in their itineraries, but it is always best to double-check because you will kick yourself if you miss any part of this area while you are on vacation.

Vietnam cruises are so special that everyone should take one at least once in their lifetime. The feeling you leave with is nothing short of exhilaration mixed with deep gratitude for the people who allow you to steal away from your troubles to soak in their little piece of heaven.