Venice Tourist Attractions – Unusual Top 10 List!

Venice Tourist AttractionsVenice tourist attractions are as unusual as the city itself. After all, with streets made from water, you can be sure that nothing will surprise you. Once you get there, you will see what all the fuss is about and you will definitely want to stay much, much longer.

These Venice tourist attractions made the unusual top 10 list because they are quirky and deliberate.

1. Spend the day making lace in Burano – Forget gondola rides in Venice, every tourist does this. Instead, take some time to visit Burano, which is on the outskirts and watch the village women create extraordinary designs out of lace. You will certainly appreciate the artisanship.

2. Go on the City Sewer Tour – This is a very strange and somewhat bizarre trip that starts at the Grand Canal Venice and ends at a piazza, where a manhole cover you can discover the sewer system below ground. It’s very different from those in the U.S.

3. See the Lady holding a pot – If you depart from St. Mark’s Square, you will see a walkway directly to your left. Follow this to an archway and notice a stone replica of an elderly lady hanging from a window with a pot in her hands. This woman stopped the revolution in Venice.

4. Read the names on the Plaques of Shame – Other unusual things to do in Venice, include understanding Venetian justice. The misdeeds, names and penalties of wrongdoer’s are listed in stone.

5. Visit the Palazzo Grassi – Common Venice tourist attractions are all surrounded by art, however this gallery is not very well known, but holds a huge collection of Japanese and other Asian art; not something many expect in Italy.

6. Go to the Floating Market – Since most Venice tourist attractions have something to do with the canals, why not go shopping on one of the floating barges. They sell just about everything from vegetables and fruits and carved wooden toys.

7. Take a trip to the first established ghetto – This may seem strange, but Cannaregio is known as the first ghetto in the world. The area is so tiny that the buildings were built straight up instead of across.

8. Check out the unique clock – The Torre dell Orologio is a huge clock that shows the time, along with the 12 zodiac signs.

9. Go to Sacca della Misericordia – You can take a 2-hour lesson to learn how to row, while standing up. They call this Venetian rowing, just like the gondoliers.

10. Attend a concert at Chisea di San Giacometto – This church dates back to 5 A.D. and is the oldest in Venice. Imagine standing in a structure this old, how fascinating.