Tybee Island Beach Rentals – 5 Best Choices!

Tybee Island Beach RentalsWhen your vacation plans have you wondering if you should choose from one of the Tybee Island beach rentals, the answer should always be ‘yes’. Once you see how much fun you can have by booking your own space as opposed to a hotel, you may never want any other kind of accommodations.

Tybee Island beach rentals are so unique and varied, you can choose from condominiums, beachfront homes and even small bungalows for the same price or sometimes, much cheaper.

Review the 5 best choices of Tybee Island beach rentals for yourself:

1. Lighthouse Point – As the name suggests, this condominium is only minutes away from the Tybee Island Lighthouse, Jaycee Park and the Tybee Museum. It sleeps 6, with 2 bathrooms and parking spaces for you and your friends. It may be for older couples because it is in a quieter neighborhood, so keep this in mind. However, once you wake up to views of the bay, you will have zero complaints.

2. Beach Bound – This is a cottage-style home and one of the Tybee Islands beach rentals that has a perfect view of the beach from all sides. It has 3 bedrooms and 1 ½ bathrooms, but can accommodate 8 people quite nicely. They even allow you to bring your pets along.

3. Cozy Pelican – If you want a Tybee Island vacation that has a more modern feel, choose this rental, which is a townhouse. The furnishings are updated and the location can’t be beat. You can look out of the window and see the surf breaking for miles.

4. Beach and Racquet – This rental is more like one of the Tybee Island GA hotels because it is in a larger condominium setting with one bed and bathroom. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed, but you do have beachfront views.

5. Cabins – You can also take advantage of Tybee Island camping by renting a cabin at the campgrounds. It is very cost-effective and they have amenities there for you to rent as well. You don’t have to pack sheets, blankets and pillows; they will provide them for you for a small fee. Just bring your food and plenty of supplies.