Top 5 Reasons To Take Part in Carnival of Binche

Carnival of BincheThe Carnival of Binche is an annual festival that takes place in the Belgium city of Binche prior to Ash Wednesday. The carnival’s main activities take place on the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The carnival festivities begin 49 days prior to Lent. The carnival’s history dates back to approximately the 14th century. Here we break down the top 5 reasons to take part in the Carnival of Binche.

1. Festival lasts 7 weeks – The Carnival of Binche lasts almost two months. There are several great events and destinations in Belgium, but none can match the excitement and passion that this 7 week long festival brings to the region. People from all over the country and world come to celebrate. The hotels in Brussels are known to be booked a year in advance.

2. Rich Tradition – The Carnival of Binche dates back to the early 14th century and has its roots in the Christian religion. The entire city basically comes to a halt when the carnival is going on. The final three days known as Fat Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are basically the last big celebrations before Lent begins.

3. Gilles – The festival features over 1,000 men dressed in costumes and dawning white masks with small round glasses. These men are known as “Gilles” and are named after famous composer Gilles Binchois.

4. Fat Tuesday – Fat Tuesday is the culmination of the Carnival of Binche. On Fat Tuesday the atmosphere looks more like that of Belgium theme parks. The carnival procession on Fat Tuesday features dancers in several different costumes who practice for months leading up to the event.

5. Orange Tossing – One of the most beloved events of the Carnival of Binche is the ceremonial orange tossing that takes place during the last procession of Fat Tuesday. During this time the Gilles throw oranges from large baskets to the people.