Top 5 Places To Visit In Dublin In One Day!

Places To Visit In DublinWhile planning your Dublin vacation you will find that there are many fun places to visit in Dublin. Many of these can be done in just one day which will give you a glimpse into the amazing history and culture of this beautiful city.

We have come up with top five places to visit in Dublin in one day.

1. St. Patrick’s Cathedral – This is a beautiful piece of architecture which was built in 1192. It is believed that St. Patrick completed his first baptism in a well on the property. This is one place you will not want to miss checking out.

2. Visit Dublin Castle – This enormous and beautiful castle was built in 1204 by King John and is truly a sight to see! The grounds consists of two museums, two café’s, two gardens as well as several government buildings. This is definitely one of the must-do places to visit in Dublin.

3. Temple Bar Dublin – This is one of the most popular Dublin tourist attractions. Stroll through these narrow cobblestone streets and enjoy great food in the many restaurants and pick up some souvenirs in the unique shops lining the streets. This is especially one of the most popular places to visit in Dublin come nightfall.

4. Guinness Brewery Dublin – If you have ever had Guinness Beer than you stop to check out this building. When you step into the atrium of this seven story building, you find yourself inside the world’s largest pint glass which would hold about 14.3 million pints of Guinness. Get a chance to explore the brewery and pick up some souvenirs on your way out.

5. The Green Gallery – This is a magnificent gallery depicting contemporary art of Irish and international artists. If you are interested in truly great work, this is the place to go!

When choosing places to visit in Dublin, the list we have here is just the tip of the iceberg. You will find that there are many wonderful and exciting things to do while visiting Dublin, Ireland whether you are there for just a couple days or for a few weeks.