Top 5 Lord Howe Island Hotels

Lord Howe Island Hotels1. Arajilla Retreat- This is listed as one of the top Lord Howe Island hotels, and is comparable to a four or five star hotel. This Lord Howe Island accommodation offers twelve luxury suites, fine dining experiences, a day spa, and there is no request too difficult. The excellent service, very comfortable suites, and beautiful surroundings make this one of the top hotels on the island, and one that is highly recommended by those who have stayed here.

2. Pinetrees- This is one of the top Lord Howe Island hotels for a number of reasons. The food is included in the cost of a stay here, and is definitely something to look forward to. The staff is very friendly and go out of their way to be helpful, and the rooms and building are clean and nicely furnished. Do not expect any Internet, television, or coverage for your mobile phone, but this just allows you to enjoy your stay even more.

3. Somerset Apartments- The Somerset Apartments is a great place to stay for any length of time, and is one of the top rated hotels available here. Each apartment has a garden and veranda outside, and this may be home to the Lord Howe Island stick insect. A small kitchenette and furnished kitchen items make it easy to cook, and eliminates the need to dine out all the time.

4. Capella Lodge- This is considered one of the only five star all inclusive Lord Howe Island hotels. With only nine suites this small and exclusive hotel offers elegance, luxury, and all of the natural beauty of the island. Superior service, exquisite meals, and an incredible experience is what visitors who stay at Capella report.

5. Leanda-Lei Apartments- One of the Lord Howe Island hotels with a central location, these apartments are very convenient and within walking distance of almost everything. The hotel can arrange for transportation from the airport for all Lord Howe Island flights, and while not cheap is not overpriced either. The kitchenette contains all of the kitchenware needed during your stay, and the staff is extremely friendly. The cleanliness and service is above reproach for this hotel.