Top 5 Croisette Beach Hotels Reviews

Croisette Beach HotelsNothing comes short from majestic in the French Riviera area including famous Croisette beach hotels that are located in close proximity to the Croisette Boulevard, Cannes Festival grounds and spectacular seaside hotspots.

Croisette Beach Hotels boast outdoor pools, breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Coast, fine dining, spa pampering and many more. Expect to pay top prices for all your dining and pampering experiences; some hotels will charge even for a pool lounge chair or additional amenities. Do not let this discourage you from taking a great French Riviera vacation, which is definitely not for penny pitchers.

Below we carefully selected top 5 Croisette Beach hotels that are perfect for your next romantic getaway to the Cannes:

1. Majestic Barriere Hotel tops our list of Croisette Beach Hotels list due to its truly majestic location and 5-star service and amenities. This is perhaps the closest among all hotels in Cannes to the famous Cannes Festival red carpet walk that you will be able to watch from the windows of your hotel room. Fine dining, spa pampering and soundproof rooms are what makes Majestic Barriere Hotel one of the most alluring places to stay during you travel France journey.

2. Hotel Martinez is a glorious 4-star historical resort located in the heart of Cannes that draws crowds to see the famous Croisette beach and catch a glance of movie stars who attend the annual Cannes Festival in May. Expect to pay top euro prices for everything at this glitzy resort starting with meals and ending with even pool chairs. Space is limited around the pool so making daily reservations is a must. Premier location in close proximity to the famous promenade in Cannes makes this Croisette Beach Hotel a very appealing place to stay during a romantic vacation. Large outdoor pool, 3 restaurants, spa and fitness center are just a few of many amenities offered at this glorious resort.

3. Hotel Palais Stéphanie Cannes is a 5-star resort located right on the Croisette Boulevard overlooking the French Riviera beaches, magnificent villas and, most importantly, right next door to the grounds of the famous Film Festival. Rooms are tastefully decorated along the movie-theme lines. Guests can enjoy swimming in the hotel’s roof top swimming pool, attending many restaurants and even a casino right on the grounds of the hotel.

4. Sun Riviera Hotel is a 4-star resort completed with an outdoor pool, grand outside terrace and a Mediterranean garden. From here you are just a few minutes away from the Cannes well-known Boulevard, beaches and the Cannes Film Festival facility.

5. Hôtel La Villa Cannes Croisette. This 4-star Croisette beach hotel is situated within 50 meters of the famous beaches in Cannes. The hotel is soundproof in order to provide guests with peaceful environment and protect from hustle and bustle of busy Cannes streets. Here you can escape and unwind from a long day of exploring Cannes and its surroundings in a sparkling pool which also features a kiddy area. All 30 rooms of this French Riviera Hotel are furnished with hand made furniture and elegant décor. This hotel is within a walking distance from a famous Palm Beach Casino and Cannes Festival official grounds.

If you are planning a very special romantic getaway or a honeymoon, French villa rental might be just for you creating intimate and secluded escape from the busy streets of Cannes.