Top 10 Yellowstone National Park Geysers

Yellowstone National Park GeysersYellowstone National Park geysers are located all over. In fact, there are more than 300. While ‘Old Faithful’ is the most popular, there are many smaller ones to visit and explore.

If you want to find the Yellowstone National Park geysers, it’s best to get a guidebook or map upon arrival. This will not only help you find them, but also give you the eruption times.

Yellowstone National Park geysers are great to look at, but generally, they are most remarkable when they blow. Be sure to remain at a safe distance and bring your camera for lots of pictures.

The top 10 Yellowstone National Park geysers are listed below:

1. Old Faithful – This world famous geyser is located on the Yellowstone National Park hiking trail along the Upper Geyser Basin. It has an eruption period of 1 through 5 minutes.

2. Grand Geyser – The duration period for this geyser is approximately 9 to 15 minutes. It is usually included in the Yellowstone National Park tours because of the length of the eruption.

3. Sawmill – Originally thought to be a Yellowstone National Park volcano, this geyser spends at least 15 to 90 minutes exploding hot water.

4. Lion – This geyser has a very short eruption period, only about 3 to 4 minutes. However, it happens every couple of hours.

5. Grotto – You really need to have patience for this geyser. It can erupt every hour or you may wait 2 days. It is not a very popular attraction. However, if you can catch it at the right time, it looks like an elephant’s head.

6. Echinus Geyser – This is a spectacular event, which explodes with enough force and height to be seen from some of the Yellowstone National Park lodging. The height reaches 100 feet and it lasts over an hour.

7. Clepsydra Geyser – This is a consistent geyser that erupts constantly. The jets vary in height between a couple of feet to 20.

8. Sunset Geyser – Another geyser that explodes regularly. In fact, it happens so frequently that it is difficult to time properly.

9. Castle Geyser – This is a very loud geyser that some compare to a roaring train. It looks like a 30-foot cone.

10. Riverside Geyser – This geyser is extremely unique because it doesn’t shoot straight up. It actually angles approximately 60 degrees up to a height of 80 feet.