Top 10 Walt Disney World Rides List

Walt Disney World RidesThe Walt Disney World rides are not all that people go to partake in when they visit, but when you stop to think of all that this wonderland has to offer, you can only imagine which ones are rated at the top of the list.

It’s really quite comical in fact, to realize that many people would rather have a Walt Disney World honeymoon than travel to some exotic location, like the Caribbean or Hawaiian Islands. But, for some, it’s a lifetime trip and they come here seeking rides and attractions they cannot find anywhere else in the world.

What it all boils down to is Walt Disney World is the best in terms of Amusement parks in Orlando. Since it’s such a large park with so much to do, it might be helpful for newcomers to know what line to stand in first. After all, it might be a long, long wait.

So, here is the top 10 Walt Disney World rides list for you to review:

1. Summit Plummet – Undoubtedly the best of all Walt Disney World rides for those seeking thrills. It rates 10 out of 10 on the ‘scream-o-meter’ and with a height of 120 feet and speeds of 60 miles per hour, it’s no wonder.

2. Tower of Terror – The Walt Disney World rides with the most ‘yikes’ factor always have a name to match and this one is the most frightening to boot. It’s a free fall with effects and wonderfully fiendish story too.

3. Rock N Roll Coaster – This is one of the Walt Disney World rides that will leave your stomach on the floor as the launch from standing still to 57 miles per hour occurs in just 2.8 heart stopping seconds. As you invert upside down in the dark tunnel and listen to Aerosmith tracks, you can’t help but feel the thrill.

4. Expedition Everest – The combination of roller coaster and dark them ride is perfection. You will encounter G-force speeds and a wonderful environment that only adds to this ride. It is the best money spent on Walt Disney World tickets.

5. Mission Space – Located in Epcot, home of one of the best Walt Disney World resorts as well. This ride can actually unnerve some folks, because of the realistic liftoff simulation. You really feel like you are on a rocket soaring through space. Ingenious.

6. Space Mountain – Although you won’t experience major drops, the turns and twisting motion is enough. This roller coaster is indoors, unlike many others and is very psychological. The speed is barely 27 miles per hour, but you feel like you are going much faster.

7. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – With an old fashioned western feeling to it, this train tops speeds in excess of 36 miles per hour, which is fast for a train. The winding turns and hills leave you wanting more.

8. Splash Mountain – This log ride packs a heck of a fall after the feeling of sailing along a tranquil lake sets in. Before you know it, and without warning, you are falling, falling, falling.

9. Sum of All Thrills – This ride has the guests create virtual toboggans, roller coasters and airplanes. You decide which one, and then complete the simulation by combining the video portion and a robotic, virtual arm.

10. Crush N Gusher – This is a water coaster with water jets propelling your raft up a long hill, while gravity pushes you downhill. There are three levels, Coconut Crusher, Pineapple Plunger and Banana Blaster.