Top 10 Things To Do on Luxor Holidays in Egypt

Luxor Holidays This provincial town offers a dizzying array of things to do on Luxor Holidays in Egypt ranging from touring ancient temples, archaelogical sights, museums and incredible adventures.

1. Valley of the Kings – No visit to this area would be complete without a visit to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. There are many tombs which can be explored, and fascinating historical facts and information to learn.

2. Open Air Museum – The Open Air Museum is a common attraction for visitors on Luxor holidays. This museum contains a large range of ancient artifacts and interesting historical objects and art.

3. Nile River Cruises – Cruising down the Nile River will be an unforgettable experience. Follow the path of the ancient Kings and Queens, as well as numerous others who have navigated this river over hundreds of years.

4. The Colonnades – Luxor holidays should be full of wonder and excitement, and the Colonnades deliver. This structure dates back many years, and is fascinating to anyone who enjoys historic or beautiful architecture.

5. The Mummification Museum – If Egyptian archeology or history interests you, then this museum will amaze you. Mummies are a famous aspect of Egypt, and this museum walks you through the mummification process.

6. Sailing a Felucca – Sailing a felucca plays a role in many Luxor holidays, because of the numerous areas of water that are close by. Sailing is a popular pastime in Egypt, and you will find many places where you can rent a boat or find a paid guide.

7. Scuba Diving – One of the top vacations in the country are Egypt diving holidays, because of the clear waters and the abundance of underwater life forms. You can spend the day watching the colorful fish and other marine life.

10. The Luxor Temple At Night – One of the most amazing sights when on Luxor holidays is the night time view of the Luxor Temple. Lighting really makes this structure stand out when the sun goes down, for a sight you will not want to look away from.