Top 10 Things To Do in Tacoma WA

Things To Do in TacomaThe things to do in Tacoma may or may not be what you expect. This part of Washington State is still being discovered by most tourists, but once arrive you might be pleasantly surprised.

After all, the things to do in Tacoma are actually quite different and unique. There are also some attractions that are very exciting and interesting. You will soon discover that a trip here isn’t really that much different than many of the highly travelled tourist spots.

You can find a list of the top 10 things to do in Tacoma Washington right here:

1. Point Defiance Park – This is home of the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium – This is a great place to start exploring the city of Tacoma. It’s a huge attraction and you can find hundreds of loveable animals in this massive facility. They exist in their own natural habitats and the water shows at the aquarium are unbelievable.

2. Tacoma Glass Museum – This is a piece of history for the city of Tacoma. This specialty museum focuses on glass like no other and you will learn a new respect for something most take for granted. The contemporary art pieces are exquisite, but so are the older relics that show such fine details.

3. Tacoma Glassblowing Studio – Once you have seen the museum, head over to this studio for as a way of discovering other fun things to do in Tacoma. This is an up close perspective of how only the most skilled artists can blow and manipulate glass and turn it into just about anything their hearts desire.

4. LeMay – America’s Car Museum – Other things to do in Tacoma include paying homage to the wonders of the road. There is a great deal of beautiful cars to admire and a wonderful history lesson awaits too. In addition, they have a race track for children and simulators.

5. Washington State History Museum – Any history buff will place this stop on their things to do in Tacoma list, and even if you aren’t into history, you will still be amazed at the number of artifacts and magnificent displays they have.

6. Living History Museum – If you really want a hands on adventure of the way people lived back in the 1800s this is the place for you. They have a rebuilt fort and a recreation of a trading post. They also have actors in costumes that give you an entire background and make it fun.

7. W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory – This is a wonderful place that feels like tropical heaven on earth. There are also a lot of historical sites. The park is a great way to escape the crowds and lose yourself among the hundreds of flowers and small woodland creatures. They also have a goldfish pond.

8. Children’s Museum of Tacoma – This interactive museum is great for rainy days and because the kids are encouraged to explore their creativity, it keeps them busy. There are all kinds of activities that are structured, but based on having fun.

9. Tacoma Comedy Club – If you’re up for a few laughs and aren’t ready to turn in just yet, take a stroll from one of the nearby hotels in Tacoma and have a seat at this club where the laughs are non-stop and the food is absolutely exceptional.

10. Emerald Queen Casino – Blow a few bucks or win a few bucks in this Vegas-style casino and while you’re there, enjoy the complimentary drinks and tapas.