Top 10 Things To Do in Seoul

Things To Do In SeoulWhether you are in visiting for business or on vacation there are many fun things to do in Seoul, South Korea. Whether you are looking for educational or exciting things to do in Seoul, there is never a shortage or opportunities. Seoul is a beautiful city that is alive with history, Seoul nightlife. Here, we have compiled a list of the top ten things to do in Seoul.

1. Gyeonkbok Palace – This is a beautiful piece of architecture. The former seat of power and the most famous royal palace, it was originally built in the 1300’s. Because of different invasions and natural disasters it was destroyed and rebuilt a number of times. Visitors will be able to tour the palace and learn about archaeological traditions as well as court customs. This is one of the most popular things to do in Seoul.

2. Bukchon Village – This quaint picturesque neighborhood has the largest population of Korean wooden homes built in the best traditions. Many of the homes have beautifully restored courtyards and tiled roofs.

3. Art Sonje Center – This art center was founded in 1998 and is a private museum dedicated to the supporting of current and experimental art.

4. Bugaksan – Enjoy hiking these trailheads past 15th century gates along the fortress wall. When you reach the top there is a breathtaking view of the capital.

5. Itaewon – This open market is located near the U.S. army base and is a wonderful place to browse and purchase the perfect souvenir. Find items from furniture to jewelry to pottery.

6. War Memorial of Korea – This is a great place to learn about the history and other South Korea facts about the many wars and invasions of this country.

7. Lotte World Historical Folk Museum – Enjoy a Korea tour package depicting the culture and history of the Korean people. Exhibits include a miniature village, traditional wedding and Market Street.

8. Olympic Park – The home of the 1988 Olympics there are still stadiums for tennis and swimming.

9. Jongmyo –This is the oldest surviving and currently practicing Confucian shrine which showcases ancient Korean Royal court music and dancing, a favorite among tourists.

10. Phoenix Park Ski Resort – Here are several facilities including a ski resort with twelve slopes, a golf club, condominiums as well as Seoul hotels.

It’s clear that despite the tragic history of South Korea, there are many great and interesting things to do in Seoul, South Korea.