Top 10 Things To Do in Sedona For Piece of Mind

Things to Do in SedonaThe red rocks of Sedona have a reputation for being a spiritual getaway. Many visitors refer to Sedona as a place of soul nourishing. This Arizona town has plenty of ways to renew your spirit and give your soul peace of mind. With a variety of things to do in Sedona, visitors will not be at a loss for activities or places to stay on a relaxing getaway.

1. Picking out a relaxing place to stay while rejuvenating your peace of mind begins with the right atmosphere. One of the best places for booking a relaxing getaway for your family is at the Enchantment Resort Sedona. Whether you want some time out on the golf course or at the all day spa, this resort offers multiple ways to unwind.

Sedona Cathedral Hideaway2. For slightly smaller, more intimate surroundings in Sedona, Arizona, try one of the Sedona bed and breakfast hotels. The Sedona Cathedral Hideaway has been recognized as a prime romantic destination by many trip advisors. If you are looking for a serene, beautiful place to rekindle a romance, look no further. This is a luxurious five star bed and breakfast located in Sedona Arizona. The guests of the bed and breakfast will have no trouble finding things to do in Sedona. If vacationers or honeymooners are staying in one of the beautifully appointed suites of the Sedona Cathedral Hideaway, they will be treated to magnificent three hundred and sixty degree views of the majestic Sedona’s. Most suites are equipped with outdoor fireplaces to snuggle up by while watching the stars. The Sedona Cathedral Hideaway takes pride in its ability to blend into the natural environment as well as its “green” and solar lifestyle.

Sedona Vortex3. Visit the Sedona Vortex as apart of enhancing the spiritual energy in your life. A popular thing to do in Sedona, these vortex have enough spiritual energy that one visit will help clear your mind and give new perspective to your life. A vortex is a tornado like formation of spiraling energy appearing naturally around Sedona area. Sedona, Arizona is well known for its metaphysical energies created by the Sedona Vortex. People from all over the world visit this sight to absorb some of this positive energy and well-being. Sedona is said to be the spiritual power center of the Sedona Vortex, and many people believe it to be a very uplifting and spiritual experience. Whatever visitors believe it or not, it’s bound to be a memorable experience.

Sedona Summit Resort4. The Sedona Summit Resorts are another perfect location to find your inner peace of mind while you sleep or play. This resort offers a cabin like environment with beautiful mountain range scenery. Guests will stay in one of the two hundred and thirty comfortable rooms. While not sightseeing visitors can relax by the outdoor pool or the spa tubs in each room. Each room also has available wireless internet if the guest would like to make use of it. There is also a children’s club and fitness center as well as barbeque grills to enjoy while relaxing after a long day of touring the area.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory5. Sometimes peace of mind can be easily found in an amazing piece of chocolate. While visiting the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Sedona, guests can watch as employees hand dip apples into luscious caramel or observe as they make delicious homemade fudge. Of course, each guest will receive a free sample, which will just entice them to buy some more of the delicious chocolates. With over three hundred varieties of handmade chocolate, there will be something for everyone including those who prefer sugar free chocolate. It is also one of the most fun things to do in Sedona.

New Frontiers Natural Marketplace6. For a healthy thing to do in Sedona, try the New Frontiers Natural Marketplace Sedona, grab some groceries and cook an organic meal at your luxury resort. This marketplace offers the freshest food, including an all natural service deli. What has started out as a suggestion by an employee has grown into a five store business focused on organically grown fruits and vegetables. Located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona visitors will not be disappointed in the variety of organic foods found in this health food store. While looking for healthy vegetables or meals during your stay in Sedona, a shopping trip to the New Frontiers Natural Marketplace Sedona is definitely the place to go. At this large natural foods store, you will find a widee variety of organic vegetables as well as a full deli and even hot and cold entrees.

7. If your things to do in Sedona include retail therapy, try any of the specialty stores that carry Native American goods or the popular outlet shopping district.

8. A perfect thing to do in Sedona to find peace of mind is investigate the mecca of alternative healers. These healers understand the functions of the mind and body. They will use their techniques to rejuvenate the soul.

9. Experience Jazz on the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. If you enjoy music, you will love this music festival in September. With the moderate climate and amazing view, enjoying a piece of jazz music will bring peace to any visitor.

10. Restoring inner peace in Sedona, Arizona is as easy as pitching a tent for Oak Creek canyon camping. At this beautiful red rock canyon, visitors can camp, hike, and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the Arizona hills.