Top 10 Things To Do in Madagascar

Things To Do in MadagascarTrue to form Madagascar remains mystical and unspoiled. There is a blurry thin line between reality and fantasy as there are some things you will be familiar with, but many more you will not be. The sounds, colors and surroundings are so rare that you won’t believe your eyes. This makes getting there all the better. For ideas on what’s in store for you once you book the Madagascar vacation packages and land on the island, check out our list. It is jammed packed with fun, new and exciting experiences you’ll remember for a lifetime. Here are the top 10 things to do in Madagascar.

1. This trip could possibly be one of those once in a lifetime vacations for many. So quickly jump on board and sign up for as many Madagascar tourist attractions that you can find. The location is perfect for going on a safari through the Tsingy De Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve. Listen and look and you’ll be sure to spot the elusive bamboo lemur.

2. With over 300 different species of birds on the island, bird-watching at Ampijoroa can be a tranquil pastime during your vacation. Many of the species are indigenous to Madagascar.

3. Madagascar beaches are a wondrous place to watch a sunset retreat.

4. If shopping is high on your priority list, you won’t want to leave the island without visiting the world’s second largest shopping market, Zoma Market to acquire all your local handcrafts, souvenirs, cultural art and much more.

5. Be prepared for abundant adventure on Madagascar tours, such as the white water rafting excursion at Lily Falls.

6. While fishing was once only considered a source of survival for the coastal people on the island, like some many other things there, deep sea fishing trips have evolved into things to do in Madagascar for tourists looking to catch the big one.

7. Those wanting a captivating experience should consider visiting Ankarana National Park and gearing up for tunneling though caves full of bats, shiny stalagmites and crocodiles that call the underground rivers home.

8. Try snorkeling and scuba diving in some of the world’s most pristine water in the Indian Ocean. The marine life will be some of the strangest creatures you’ve never seen before.

9. Very interesting things to do in Madagascar would be to visit Royal Hill and see the palace of past kings near the capital city. This is also a World Heritage Site (UNESCO).

10. Bike or trek up Mountain Andringitra to get a glimpse of the magnificent natural waterfalls. Expect to see epic landscape scenery on a larger scale than even the Grand Canyon of Arizona can provide.
Highly sought after destination because of its biodiversity and ecotourism industry that is continuingly developing at a rapid pace to keep up with the high demand. The more tourists that plan to visit, the more tourism officials will create adventurous, creative and cultural things to do in Madagascar.