Top 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas With Kids

Things To Do In Las Vegas With KidsHaving been labeled “The Sin City”, Las Vegas might not initially seem like the most kid-friendly place to go on a family vacation. If you think places to go in Las Vegas only have a sinful side, you will be surprised to discover that with careful planning there are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas with kids the whole family will enjoy.

1. Cirque du Soleil is the ultimate entertainment option for kids ages 5 and older, no younger children are permitted. You can pick from a variety of shows tailored to younger audience like Beatles Love. Plus, you can choose a location closer to your hotel since Cirque du Soleil runs its performance at seven different stages located at major hotels in Las Vegas.

2. Lied Discovery Children’s Museum is literally the most kid friendly zone you can land in Las Vegas. Any age children are welcome and can explore a lot of hands on exhibits intended to introduce kids into the world of science, chemistry and physics. While the 1st floor of the Museum is more geared towards pre-schoolers, the 2nd floor features displays for older kids.

3. Las Vegas Natural History Museum is among family things to do in Las Vegas even with small kids.

4. Disney’s The Lion King live performance is nothing short of spectacular and is rated among the top things to do in Las Vegas with kids. Amazing costumes, Elton John original songs and vivid decorations come to life in one of the most spectacular Broadway like events any kid will enjoy.

5. Ghost Mining Towns are things to do in Las Vegas with kids that are perhaps better suited for children 7 and older enabling them to witness one of the most important historical era in the US history by seeing how Gold Rush miners lived and worked.

6. MGM Grand Lion Habitat is a must see attraction for kids. At the unique MGM Grand Hotel exhibition staged inside the hotel walls, kids and adults alike can marvel at world’s most beautiful creatures going about their daily lives. Waterfall and vegetation are set to create a perfect backdrop for lions to feel at home.

7. Gondola Rides could be experienced at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. Kids of all ages will enjoy taking an indoor gondola ride accompanied by a real singing gondolier. The 14 minute ride is one of the things to do in Las Vegas with kids in the midst of Las Vegas Grand Canal Shopping Mall.

8. Stratosphere Tower are not for the meek at heart, however, older kids will enjoy marveling at Las Vegas cityscapes from the bird’s eye view. Three of their thrill rides are sure to freeze blood in your veins.

9. Madam Tussauds Las Vegas is one of 7 most famous in the world wax museums that are a must to visit. Kids love taking pictures next to Elvis and Brad Pitt along with other historical and modern day celebrities and historical figures.

10. M&M’s World is one of the ultimate fun things to do in Las Vegas. Satisfy your sweet tooth and curiosity at one of the largest candy stores in the world.

Among the most kid friendly hotels in Las Vegas Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas stands out the most due to no gambling joints available on the premises. Children and teens are treated to chocolate snacks and small gifts at the check in. In house restaurant features a variety of fares little kids can sink their teeth in.

If you have much older children that have not reached 21, check out other article on things to do in Las Vegas under 21 – no ID required to participate.