Top 10 Things To Do in Geneva Switzerland

Things To Do In GenevaWhen on vacation in Geneva, Switzerland, you will find many wonderful and exciting things to occupy your time. Geneva is a city that is steeped in history and Swiss culture. There are many Geneva attractions that will be enjoyable for the entire family. Here, we have a list of the top ten things to do in Geneva.

1. Musee d’Art et d’Histoire – This is an amazing art museum that houses over one million pieces with about 7000 of them on permanent display. In their exhibitions there are five pieces of work by well-known artist Bram Van Velde.

2. Cathedrale St. Pierre – This cathedral was built in the 4th century and is a beautiful example of neoclassical architecture. Visitors may tour the archaeological site underneath the newer cathedral.

3. Reformation Wall – Located in Bastions Park, the construction for this wall began in 1909. Visitors will find the four great figures of movement: Guillaume Farel, Theodore de Beze, John Knox and Jean Calvin. This is a great tribute to 450 years of Protestantism.

4. Jardin Anglais – This is one of the most popular of the Switzerland tourist attractions. This beautiful English garden was created in 1854 and is most famous for its flower clock.

5. Basilica of Notre-Dame – Built almost entirely of sandstone, this beautiful gothic style piece of architecture was built in the 12th century.

6. Place Neuve – This impressive structure is the heart of Geneva culture. This is comprised of the Grand Theatre (Opera House) as well as the conservatory of Music and the Rath Museum.

7. Museum of Swiss Cutlery – Visitors that are looking for interesting and unique things to do in Geneva will enjoy the many displays of Swiss cutlery as well as works from the famous Swiss Army Knives maker, Victorinox. Among the displays is a knife that has over 200 features as well as work from the best Swiss craftsman, Charles Roulin.

8. Voltaire Institute and Museum – This was the home of Voltaire from 1755-1760. The library contains over 25,000 books dedicated to Voltaire and the 18th century.

9. Mini Cruise on Lake Geneva – If you are staying at one of the local Geneva bed and breakfasts, they should be able to set you up with a scenic cruise around Lake Geneva with gourmet meals and sunset cruises.

10. Olympic Museum – This is one of the most interesting of all the things to do in Geneva. This museum depicts the history of the Olympic Games from ancient times to the present. There are also many interactive exhibitions as well as documents, films and collections of precious objects.

Whether you are staying in one of the Geneva cheap hotels or a five star resort, there are plenty of fun and interesting things to do in Geneva that is sure to keep you busy.