Top 10 Things To Do in Darwin

Things To Do In DarwinWhile a pretty small city, Darwin is a wonderful place to visit. There are many great Darwin hotels to choose from which will strive to make your vacation fun and memorable. There are also many amazing things to do in Darwin while on your Australian vacation. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 10 things to do in Darwin, Australia.

1. Kakadu National Park – You can choose to drive through the park or take one of the informative Kakadu National Park tours where you will see beautiful waterfalls, the Mamukala wetlands and the Ranger Uranium mine among many other landmarks. This is one of the most popular Darwin tourist attractions.

2. Berry Springs – If you are looking for a natural massage, stand under the waterfalls and let nature do its work. There are crocodile proof fences so visitors can enjoy the springs and waterfalls without being intruded upon.

3. Devil’s Marbles Conservation Reserve – This is a great place to camp for a night or two where you can enjoy climbing the rock formations that have the appearance of being stacked upon one another very carefully.

4. Aquascene – If you are a fish lover, this is one of the best things to do in Darwin. If there is a high tide the fish will come right up to the dock where you can hand-feed them pieces of bread.

5. Museum and Art Gallery – While Cyclone Tracey devastated the city of Darwin in 1974, the museum has an amazing display that re-enacts the devastation of that day. Located in a tropical garden, the museum is also home to Aboriginal, Asian and Oceanic art.

6. Leanyer Recreation Park – This is one of the best free things to do in Darwin. Visitors can swim and enjoy the water park and water slide as well as the skateboard park. This is one of the best things to do in Darwin for the entire family.

7. Crocosaurus Cove – Guests can get up close and personal as the feed and hold freshwater crocodiles.

8. Mindil Beach – This is a great way to spend the day browsing through the market stalls and enjoy the sunset or sunrise. Do not attempt to swim as there are many box jellyfish inhabiting the water and they can be potentially fatal to humans.

9. Darwin Botanic Gardens – Walk through the many shady areas of the gardens and enjoy the abundance of plants and flowers.

10. Australian Pearling – This is a great chance to learn about pearls and the art of pearling.

Whichever of these attractions are included in your Australia vacation packages, you are sure to get a great taste of Australian culture during your vacation.