Top 10 Romantic Things To Do In Rome

Romantic Things To Do In RomeThe number of romantic things to do in Rome are countless, after all, it is a city filled with love and beauty. But, you may want to take a few notes from the experts and try these attractions once you arrive.

The top 10 romantic things to do in Rome are listed here:

  1. Piazza Navona – Also known as the Artists Square because of the number of artists that frequent the area. You and your loved one can have your portrait painted or sketched. Also, the Piazza Navona hotels are renowned for romance and luxury.
  2. Trevi Fountain Rome – The landscape and architecture is exquisite and perfectly suited for couples in love.
  3. Castel del Sant’Angelo – Not just a historical monument of Rome but also home to some of the best hotels in Rome, including the Navona Governo, a private town-house suite inside of a medieval tower.
  4. Gelato Di San Crispins – Considered one of the romantic things to do in Rome because it is located close to the Trevi Fountain. Sharing a cup of gelato is the perfect ending to your day.
  5. Galleria Borghese – One of the best places to visit in Rome with a loved one because it has works of art from Monet, Calder and Degart.
  6. The Vatican – With all of the beautiful artwork, including the Sistine Chapel, it is often eerily quiet inside as people revere the moment with awe and wonder.
  7. The Baths of Caracalla – All that remains of the ancient Roman bath-houses. It is away from the beaten path and most Italian vacation packages do not feature tours here; another reason it’s perfect for couples.
  8. AcquaMadre Hammam – What could be more romantic than relaxing in a modern bath and steam room. State of the art luxuries include spa treatments and more.
  9. Piazza del Campidoglio – Spellbinding views and spectacular architecture surround you at every corner. If you visit at night, the beauty only intensifies with the lights and sounds of the city.
  10. Vittorio Emanuele Monument – Also known as the largest wedding cake in Rome, because of the shape. Here you can sit and reflect on your time together while enjoying the lovely sunset over the city.

Now that you have your list of romantic things to do in Rome, grab your partner and head off to the adventure of a lifetime.

If you are looking for more interesting facts about Rome, the next article should provide you with a wealth of information.