Top 10 Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking Trails

Rocky Mountain National Park HikingRocky Mountain National Park hiking can be a thrilling adventure, as long as you take precautions. The number of wild animals roaming the lands can cut your trip short if you are injured.

The top 10 Rocky Mountain National Park hiking trails offer the best views of the park; they are a combination of waterfall, lake and summit hikes. Some are very easy and others are quite challenging.

While you are planning your day trip, be sure to use the Rocky Mountain National Park trail map. It is designed to assist you with your journey.

1. Bear Lake Nature – The distance is less than one mile and has an elevation of 9,475 feet. If you want a leisurely stroll, this is the best choice.

2. Lone Pine Lake – This is one of the more popular Rocky Mountain National park backpacking trails. It is approximately 14.6 miles round trip and filled with exquisite views.

3. Bluebird Lake – A Rocky Mountain National Park hiking trail that many would describe as strenuous. It is approximately 6 miles in length and takes you along Ouzel Lake and Ouzel Falls.

4. Lone Pine Lake – A 5 ½-mile trail that includes exceptional views of Adams Falls. The scenery is the main reason people choose this particular path.

5. Deer Mountain – Rocky Mountain hiking at its best. It is only about 3 miles long, but has an area that is perfect for a mid-afternoon picnic.

6. Sundance Mountain – Less than a mile long. One of the most uncommon Rocky Mountain National Park facts is that many of the trails are shorter than 3 miles.

7. Flattop Mountain – Approximately 4 ½ miles long with superb views with access to a number of peaks. It is located directly in the middle of the park.

8. Cascade Falls – A Rocky Mountain National Park hiking trail that ends at the magnificent waterfall named for the trail. The majority of the trail is through the forest. The hike is around 3-½ miles total.

9. Timberline Falls – A 4-mile trail that can also be very strenuous due to the tricky terrain. It is quite rocky in places and difficult to catch a proper foothold at times.

10. Alberta Falls – Another trail that is less than a mile long, but worth it to see the fantastic waterfall. Very popular for smaller children.