Top 10 Reasons To Visit Canaima National Park in Venezuela

Canaima National Park, Venezuela

The Canaima National Park Venezuela is located in the state of Bolivar. The park was established in June of 1962 and is one of the most remote and isolated Parks in the world. The name of the park means spirit of evil and was named by Pemon Indians who originally inhabited the park. Below we introduce the top 10 reasons to visit Canaima National Park in Venezuela.

1. Angel Falls – Canaima National Park Venezuela features the tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls. The number one iconic attraction in the country draws thousands of eager tourists willing to overcome challenges of traveling to one of the most remote South American attractions. In order to reach Angels Falls, tourists must take an airplane ride followed by several hours long boat journey and a series of challenging hikes.

2. Table-top mountains (Tepui) – The park is famous for its unique bio-geological relief, table-top mountains. The scientific name for these is tepuis that are a fairly rare throughout the world inhabited with endemic species of plants and animals.

3. Second largest park in the country – Venezuela vacations often include a visit to the Canaima Park. It is the second biggest park in the entire country of Venezuela covering over 30,000 square kilometers. It is roughly the size of Belgium or Maryland and is accessible exclusively via air transportation.

4. Pemon Indians Culture – The Pemon Indians have inhabited this area for many centuries and consider tepui sacred places of the Gods. Indigenous Pemon people lead most Canaima tours taking you to places of unsurpassed beauty, offering plenty of activities throughout the park and making any stay there unforgettable.

5. Extreme Adventures – The table-tops mountain environment provides for some of the best adrenaline charged outdoor adventures for mountain climbers, backpackers and trekkers, jungle explorers, cliff jumpers and sky divers making it one of the favorite Venezuela vacation spots. Getting to the Canaima National Park Venezuela is an adventure in itself offering plenty of opportunities to refresh your outdoorsy spirit.

6. Wildlife – Canaima National Park Venezuela features many endemic wildlife and plant species in their natural environment. Here travelers can spot unique species of monkeys, ant eaters, porcupines, rare birds and exotic types of orchids.

7. Tourist Village of Kavac – No trip to Canaima National Park is complete without staying overnight at the tourist Village of Kavac where the River is your shower and hammock is your bed. Enjoy listening to the legends of Pemon people while feasting on fire roasted chicken and other traditional Pemon dishes. Lounge at the local bar, shop for Pemon crafts and take a plunge at the pool at the base of one of many waterfalls.

8. Laguna de Canaima – Canaima Lagoon is one of the most picturesque areas at the Canaima National Park. Explore the lagoon by taking a plane ride or using the traditional curiara canoe of Pemon people. This way you can enjoy getting an upclose look of many waterfalls that feed the Lagoon and marveling at the pink sands and reddish waters due to high levels of minerals in the water.

9. Isla Anatoliy – Absolutely amazing adventures are awaiting tourists venturing to visit Isla Anatoliy, the largest island on the Canaima National Park grounds blessed with a myriad of waterfalls like Salto El Sapo and wilderness of astounding beauty.

10. Undisturbed nature – Because the area is accessible only by air transportation, it is still largely untouched and not overcrowded by tourists allowing visitors to enjoy the raw beauty of the South American jungle.