Top 10 Reasons To Visit Blanchard Springs Caverns

Blanchard Springs Caverns1. Cavern Trails Are Lighted – Blanchard Springs Caverns is safe and exciting to tour, thanks to lighted paths which make navigating the caves much easier, and allows you to see some of the most beautiful natural artwork in the USA.

2. Areas of The Caverns Are Handicap Accessible – Some of the caves and caverns can be accessed by wheelchair, so even handicapped visitors can enjoy the underground beauty that these caverns offer.

3. Scenic Waterfalls and Swimming Holes – The area around the Blanchard Springs Caverns is spotted with natural swimming holes, streams, and waterfalls. Exploring the land will let you see some of the most gorgeous landscapes you will find anywhere.

4. A Lake With Trout Fishing Opportunities – The lake situated near the caverns is full of trout, so you can enjoy a side trip for trout fishing in between your cave expeditions and other activities.

5. Explore The Natural Living Caves – Blanchard Springs Caverns are living caves which continue to grow, full of stalagmites, stalactites, and other features which increase over time. These caves can be fascinating to explore, whether you have been here many times or this is your first visit.

6. The Wild Cave Tours – Blanchard Caverns offers wild cave tours, which are exciting and original, and are very popular with visitors who have experienced these tours.

7. See Unique Plant and Animal Species In The Caverns – Blanchard Springs Caverns has a number of plant and animal species which are rarely found in other areas of the world. Many life forms have adapted to the underground environment in the caves, and can be viewed at times during the cave tours.

8. Spectacular Underground Formations – The caverns are full of fascinating formations and unusual structures, some of which have taken thousands of years or more to form.

9. The Springs – Blanchard Springs Caverns is named this way because of the underground springs which feed into the caverns in the area. These springs offer water which is cold and clear, and played an important role in the history of the area.

10. Scenic Nature Trails – The abundance of lodging, with Arkansas cabins rental widely available, and the scenic nature trails around the caverns are both reasons why a visit here is an excellent choice.