Top 10 Puerto Rico Honeymoon Destinations

Puerto Rico HoneymoonPuerto Rico is the perfect destination for honeymoons. It has a perfect mix of romantic and exciting destinations to thrill any couple. Check out these top 10 places to stay or places to play while you are on your Puerto Rico honeymoon.

Gallery Inn Puerto Rico1. When looking for a hotel for your Puerto Rico honeymoon, you may want to stay at the Gallery Inn Puerto Rico. The Gallery Inn is slightly different than other old San Juan hotels. This hotel takes up residence in an old fifty-two room mansion. There are twenty-two beautifully appointed rooms. Each room is beautifully decorated in a different San Juan theme and the 22 rooms connect throughout many different houses. Each bed has a comfortable tempur-pedic bed. The quaint size and customized rooms in this hotel will make it a perfect romantic getaway. This hotel also offers several packages to choose from. While at the Gallery Inn Puerto Rico, you will be able to find several fun things to do on your trip. Among these activities you will be able to go horseback riding, fishing, visit local forts and museums. You are also surrounded by several restaurants preparing delicious Puerto Rican food. You will have a honeymoon you won’t ever forget!

Hotel El Convento2. There are many choices where to stay when you are planning your Puerto Rico honeymoon. Among them is a stay at the Hotel El Convento. This beautiful hotel is full of its 300 years of history. A luxury San Juan resort located in old San Juan is near some of the best things to do in Puerto Rico. The Hotel El Convento, pleases guests with its five star quality. This hotel has 58 luxurious rooms lined with marble and decorated beautifully. You will have several packages to choose from for your stay. On top of the decorations, dining is made easy with three convenient restaurants. You will be able to enjoy their scrumptious award winning meals. There will be many activities that you will be able to do while on your honeymoon. You can enjoy the exclusive beach club for guests as well as the forts and museums and shopping nearby. If you would like there is also a lively nightlife nearby. There is something for anyone’s taste.

Vieques Island3. During your Puerto Rico honeymoon, you will want to find fun and memorable places to go. You may want to consider taking a trip to Vieques Island. This is the one of the most beautiful getaway spots, perfect for a Puerto Rico honeymoon. Local ferries depart from San Juan daily, a perfect way to take a day trip to the picturesque beach. You will love the beautiful beaches and the quietness and solitude of the island. Vieques Island is only populated in the center part of the island. The rest of the island is made up of small beaches or as a wildlife preserve. There are many activities you can participate in such as horseback riding, snorkeling and canoeing. If you want a laid back relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the trip for you!

4. While visiting any of the beautiful Puerto Rico beaches, try going underwater reef exploring. With crystal clear water, snorkeling in Puerto Rico is a great couple’s activity.

5. Take a free tour on your Puerto Rico honeymoon at the Bacardi Rum Factory. Sample many different rum flavors while enjoying the outdoor bar at the end of the tour.

Guanica Dry Forest Reserve6. When planning your Puerto Rico honeymoon, you may want to consider a trip to Guanica Dry Forest Reserve. The Guanica Dry Forest Reserve has been in operation since 1981 and is an UNESECO International Biosphere Reserve. The reserve represents one of the most important dry forests on the globe. A dry forest is made up of cactus, beach grapes, trees and exotic birds. The Guanica Forest reserves about 9500 acres with over 700 varieties of plants. If you have a love of wildlife preserves, you will love the Guanica Dry Forest Reserve! This will be a wonderful vacation as well as educational and romantic.

Gilligans Island Puerto Rico7. If you find the outdoors to be a romantic getaway, visit Gilligan’s Island! This island is also called Cayo Aurora by the locals. This is a nice spot if you want to get away and be someplace natural and quiet. You can either take a ferry over to the island, or you can rent a kayak and make your way to Gilligan’s Island. If you kayak it will only take about twenty minutes. While on this little island there are many things you can do. You will be able to choose a picnic pavilion complete with a BBQ pit or if you want you can go snorkeling or swimming. If you are a nature lover, there are also several hiking paths that you can experience. Whatever you choose, this will not be a trip you will soon forget!

8. If you would rather your honeymoon include many different activities planned in advance, try one of the Puerto Rico all inclusive vacation packages. Couples can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, rappelling, fishing or many other activities by purchasing an all inclusive package.

Condado Plaza9. The Condado Plaza is located right on the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is the perfect place to enjoy your Puerto Rico honeymoon. You can wake up every morning with a beautiful view of the beach and ocean. There are many things you can do during your stay at the Condado Plaza. Some of those activities include visiting the casino, parasailing, hiking, horseback riding as well as wind surfing. There is bound to be something for everyone to enjoy. If you would rather you can spend a relaxing lazy day or afternoon in the hotel and enjoy room service or pool side massages. Dine in Condado Plaza. Enjoy Latin Fusion mixed with sophisticated style on a night out as a new couple. Try the nightlife spice up your Puerto Rico honeymoon. Discos like the Isla Verde or Condado will give any couple an excuse to dance the night away. This is the perfect getaway for newlyweds!

10. Try a night in at one of the casinos in Puerto Rico. Casinos are only allowed in hotels so finding one at your Puerto Rico resort should be easy!