Top 10 Cities To Visit When Backpacking Through Europe on A Budget

Backpacking Through Europe on a BudgetJust because you’re backpacking through Europe on a budget doesn’t mean your trip has to be anything less than a trip of a lifetime. Backpacking around Europe you’ll find more than enough to do so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 cities to visit when backpacking through Europe on a budget.

1. London – While backpacking around Europe the one city that has it all is London. Whether you like shopping, night life, art, history, culture, or the outdoors you’ll never be bored in this landmark city.

2. Amsterdam – This city offers much more than the famous red light district it is well known for. The Dutch are some of the friendliest people around and the cuisine is wonderful. Many sections of the city, such as the Jordaan, look like a post card come to life.

3. Barcelona – This beautiful Spain coastal city is the perfect location for a beach holiday. There’s plenty to do for the whole family and the seafood is some of the best in the world.

4. Berlin – This city has now become a symbol of social change and peace. You’ll appreciate the history, food, and shops in this changing city.

5. Paris – Vibrant nightlife, French cuisine, and designer shops dominate the landscape. Parisians are not always welcoming to Americans so be prepared for a few rude looks.

6. Rome – The once mighty empire offers remnants of its rich history. The Coliseum, Trevi Fountain, and the Vatican are three must see locations.

7. Cornwall – Probably not on most people’s top list of things to do while backpacking through Europe on a budget. Cornwall is the home to fabled King Arthur and the legendary Camelot.

8. Florence – If you’ve spent time backpacking around India and other great international hiking locations then you’ll appreciate the rich history Florence has to offer in the form of art and architecture.

9. Dublin – The city is experiencing an economic boom. People backpacking through Europe on a budget will enjoy the interesting shops, pubs, and landscape.

10. Copenhagen – This Scandinavian city on the coast has something for everyone, and the food is the best. You won’t find food and pastries like this backpacking across America.