Top 10 Places To Visit in Utah

Places To Visit in UtahUtah is one of Southwest States with incredibly diverse tourist activities. Scarcely populated, the State of Utah is America’s outdoors playground offering a multitude of geographical wonders waiting to be explored. Hordes of hikers, skiers and bikers come here to take in the incredible beauty of the Beehive State.

Browse below through our top 10 list of places to visit in Utah, especially if you are going there for the first time.

Temple Square, Salt Lake City1. Temple Square, Salt Lake City – Mormon religion followers left a deep footprint on the history of Utah. Therefore, one of the most well known places to visit in Utah is definitely the Temple Square that takes up a large 10 acre territory. Visitors can take a short tour guided by LDS sisters; you can see various buildings, Joseph Smith museum, gardens and even a movie theater. The Temple itself is an awe-inspiring sight rising proudly into the sky, the headquarters of the LDS Church in the US. No visitors are allowed to the services as these are open for church members only. Among other Salt Lake City attractions one will find the Thanksgiving theme park boasting high tech dinosaur Museum of Ancient Life, a small animal farm, movie theater and a plethora of dining and shopping venues.

Great Salt Lake2. Great Salt Lake – Taking its name from its 27% high saline content, the Great Salt Lake is the one of the largest salt lakes in the world. Its waters are not inhabitable for most forms of water creatures, several species of shrimp and algae are the only life forms that call the lake their home. The Lake is surrounded by countless islands. Antelope Island State Park is one of the most alluring places to visit in Utah. The area is a highly regarded destination by kayakers and sailors. Beach lovers think of it as Dead Sea of America as they enjoy floating in the water effortlessly. For those tourists who prefer shore based activities, there are plenty of hiking trails opening spectacular panoramic views of the area.

Monument Valley3. Monument Valley – Featured in a countless number of movies, the Monument Value is a starting point for incredible adventures. Home to the Navajo American Indians Nation located on the border of Arizona, visitors will see sandstone formations, ancient structures at the backdrop of beautiful outdoor scenery. Visit the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park that is considered one of the treasured areas containing a wealth of Navajo cultural heritage. The park could be explored in different ways, whether you choose vehicle guided tours, scenic drives and even hiking adventures.

Zion National Park4. Zion National Park – It’s Utah’s first and foremost historical park presenting evidence of ancient civilizations and pioneer settlers discovering this enchanted land for the first time. Prepare to be amazed at incredible sand cliffs, red stone formations, lush flora and diverse fauna. There are a limitless number of activities you can set off like hiking, backpacking, camping, climbing, horseback riding and even kayaking on the Virgin River.

Arches National Park5. Arches National Park – Widely known as a red rock arches wonderland, you will not fall short on things to do here: climb, hike or simply stare at these massive nature’s creations. According to Arches National Park history the evidence of ancient settlers was found and dates back to almost 10,000 years. One of the favorite activities as you explore the park is to listen to the sounds rocks make; supposedly that’s how those arches are being formed.

Bryce Canyon National Park6. Bryce Canyon National Park – The stunning amphitheaters of eroded rocks will rise in front of your eyes. These rocks are formed into whimsical staircases, pinnacles and spires. Some of the best explorations are either leisure hiking or horseback riding allowing you to take in the most beauty of the National Park. There are various viewing points that should not be missed like Inspiration, Sunrise, Sunset and Bryce opening unique and unforgettable sights.

Lake Powell7. Lake Powell – The landscapes surrounding this “ghost like” lake look like they belong on Mars and not on the Earth. Desert like red rock cliffs and valleys surround the largest man-made lake in North America. Located in the extreme desert climate area, the place is not for a beginner camper or boating enthusiast. Only experienced outdoorsmen with proper supplies of water and food are encouraged to visit this strange but very beautiful place.

Park City8. Park City – The State of Utah is also very well known for their spectacular skiing. Park city skiing slopes came into the spotlight after hosting several skiing events at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Indeed, a former mining city has come a long way in creating a spectacular infrastructure of ski runs set at the backdrop of Wasatch Mountains catering to anybody from a beginner to a professional. In addition to skiing, Park City hosts annual Sundance Film Festival in January frequented by celebrities and movie stars. Downtown Main Street is a charming area offering great restaurants, shopping and art galleries.

Dinosaurland, Vernal9. Dinosaurland, Vernal – Whether you are an avid dinosaur explorer at heart or simply an outdoor junkies looking for just another excuse to set on your next adventure, you will not fall short on activities in Vernal. Explore dinosaur fossils, enjoy boating or white water rafting experience, hike or camp. Dinosaur National Monument is an epicenter of any trip showcasing over 1500 half exposed dinosaur fossils. There are more activities here than you can fit into one day.

Lagoon Amusement Park10. Lagoon Amusement Park – Rated as one of the top amusement parks in Utah, it’s also one of the oldest in the country. The park reflects the true old fashioned nature of the Southwest offering nostalgic carnival rides, Pioneer village living museum and fair grounds snacks. There’s also a water park adjacent to the Lagoon which overall presents a nice mix of old fashioned charm with modern high paced adventure.