Top 10 Places To Visit in Sri Lanka

Places to Visit in Sri LankSri Lanka is a beautiful place to visit and few people know where to tour once they arrive in the Sri Lanka paradise. Attractions are rich in history, natural beauty, and cost effective in this one of a kind location. Below is a helpful list of the top 10 places to visit in Sri Lanka.

1. The Wasgamuwa National Park boasts ancient ruins and large families of elephants. Tours of the park and reserve provide scenic displays of hundreds of bird species and wildlife.

2. The tropical villas Beruwela is a destination you will not want to miss. In fact, lodging in this unique location will provide excursions and explorations similar to those in movies.

3. One of the most magnificent places to visit in Sri Lanka is the evergreen forest of Somawathiya National Park. Safari across the wide open plains via jeep.

4. Sri Lanka hotels offer excursion packages to many of the national parks including Galoya National Park. This area is great for bird watching and elephant expeditions.

5. Hummanaya offers one of the largest blow holes in the entire world. Visitors may witness the blow hole and take a dip in the sea.

6. Known as one of the seven wonders and best places to visit in Sri Lanka, is the Kanniya Hot Wells Springs.

7. Sea turtle watching at Rekawa Beach is quite the popular event. The Club Palm Bay Sri Lanka offers maps and excursion planning, including this popular attraction.

8. Visit the ancient park known as Ranmasu Uyana built by the royal family. Some of the best known lakes in Sri Lanka are found here.

9. See the natural harbor at Trincomalee. This is one of the largest natural harbors in the world.

10. Our last but not least of the places to visit in Sri Lanka is the Randenigala Wild Life Sanctuary. This is one of the best places to bird watch, explore ruins, and sight elephants in all of Sri Lanka.