Top 10 Must-Do Things on Puerto Ayora Galapagos Vacations

Puerto Ayora GalapagosPuerto Ayora Galapagos is the largest town in the Galapagos Islands with around ten thousand people. It provides a lot of fun as well as modern amenities for travelers.Here is the top 10 list of things to do while you are vacationing on Galapagos Islands:

1. Galapagos Adventure Tours. – Puerto Ayora is home base for many of the Galapagos adventure tours. The adventure tours provide planned activities and expert tour guides so all you have to do is concentrate on having a great time.

2. Galapagos Legend Cruise – The Galapagos Legend Cruise is very popular because it combines nature and luxury. All the guides on the ship are a wealth of knowledge and provide friendly service. One of the best Galapagos cruises.

3. Beaches – Beaches in Puerto Ayora Galapagos are famous for their glassy emerald like waters. Tortuga Bay is only a half hour walk from Puerto Ayora.

4. Scuba Diving – Scuba diving in Puerto Ayora Galapagos is one of the most popular activities at the islands have been declared one of the seven wonders of the underwater world.

5. Snorkeling – If scuba diving isn’t your thing Puerto Ayora Galapagos offers world class snorkeling as well. Equipment can be rented for as little as $3 USD.

6. Captain Haro’s Glass Bottom Boat – Captain Haro’s glass bottom boat provides a unique perspective. You’ll see a huge variety of sea creatures in their natural habitat and you don’t even have to get wet.

7. Horseback Riding on the Beach – Beach horseback riding in Puerto Ayora Galapagos is a lot of fun and you’ll be able to see some of the remote areas of the island.

8. Jeep Tours – The safari Jeep tours provide a picnic and a walk through a wild giant Galapagos tortoise sanctuary.

9. The Charles Darwin Research Station – The crown jewel of the station is the 150 year old tortoise Lonesome George who might have seen Darwin himself.

10. Capricho – A great island restaurant that serves up great meals and snacks all day. Located just minutes from the Charles Darwin research station. Also provide a box picnic lunch to go.