Top 10 Most Romantic Getaways in Florida

Most Romantic GetawaysWith so many destinations to choose from when visiting Florida, it is easy to get lost in the hype of where to go and why. Below is an informative list of the top 10 most romantic getaways whether on your honeymoon or weekend trip.

1. Key West weekend getaway. The Key West weekend is an experience to remember. These beautiful islands are deemed some of the best romantic destinations in the world. You will find accommodating resorts and natural beauty that will provide romance in the air.

2. Travel to St. Augustine on Florida east coast. Southern hospitality and the history of horse drawn carriages sets the stage for this romantic destination complete with bed and breakfasts and ample shopping.

3. Enjoy fine dining of Spanish cuisine at the authentic Columbia Restaurant also located in St. Augustine. A horse drawn carriage will take you to and from your destination in the moonlit air.

4. Visit Smathers Beach Key West. Once again the Keys are filled with luxurious resorts and beautiful beaches that will never grow old. Rumor has it that the sand is naturally imported from the Bahamas (or vice versa Bahamas sand were imported from Florida peninsula). Regardless white sand beaches are superb in either destinations.

5. Whether on a girlfriend getaway Walt Disney World honeymoon, romance can blossom while having fun.

6. One of the most romantic getaways lies along Florida’s Lee Island Coast. There is even a park called Lover’s Key that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico near Fort Myers.

7. Stay at the oceanfront Ritz Carlton in the Florida hot spot of Palm Beach and gaze upon Mediterranean architecture and lush greenery.

8. Take a sunset dinner cruise aboard a luxurious yacht. Enjoy an evening of fine cuisine and dancing in the warm moonlit air. This is one of the most romantic getaways available.

9. Spend the weekend at a spa at any of the fine 5 star resorts on the Keys.

10. Pass by the luxurious penthouse and book one of the most romantic getaways at Cedar House Inn.

Romance is always in the air when traveling to Florida’s destinations. The warm water, lush scenery, and sandy beaches set the stage for the most romantic getaway available.