Top 10 Most Famous Denmark Landmarks Travelers Talk About

Over four hundred islands, a peninsula and a Jutland comprise Denmark, the Nordic country that lies south of Sweden and Norway. The Scandinavian country is a popular tourist destination for those that are looking to escape to a place that embraces old world charm. There are many things to do and see in Denmark, and visitors here will find no shortage of options for entertainment and sightseeing. There are also famous landmarks in Denmark worth checking out as well. From theme parks to monuments and everything in between, we’ve put together a list of the best Denmark landmarks to check out while visiting the Danish countryside.

1. Little Mermaid Statue: Some guests may be surprised to find that one of the most popular of all Copenhagen attractions is nothing more than a single statue, situated on the water’s edge. For more than a century, the statue of the Little Mermaid has looked forlornly out to the sea. Made from granite and bronze, the mermaid was inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen story that many people are familiar with today. She watches the sea for the chance of an encounter with her prince while admirers pose for photos. Many Denmark landmarks pay tribute to the works of Hans Christian Andersen, and the Little Mermaid is symbolic of one of his most well known works.

2. Tivoli Gardens: If adventure and excitement are on the agenda for guests visiting the land of the Nords, then perhaps a stop at one of the more thrilling Denmark landmarks is in order. Tivoli Gardens is a Copenhagen based theme park that has been open for more than a century and began with a single roller coaster. In fact, Tivoli is the second oldest theme park in the world. Exciting rides and peaceful gardens are all found amongst live shows and activities for children. The theme park is a great place for an entire day of family filled fun and includes a heaping helping of local culture too.

3. Rosenborg Castle: Situated in Copenhagen, the former pleasure castle for Christian IV provides visitors an exceptional view of some of the most interesting historical treasures in the country. The Crown Jewels can be found in the basement, and in the Grand Hall rests the triple silver lion guarded throne. This popular stop amongst Denmark landmarks no longer functions as a royal residence, rather a museum for guests to enjoy.

4. The Round Tower: In the early 1600s, a round tower was constructed in Copenhagen as a part of a church and library, and today this centuries’ old structure is one of the most popular attractions in Copenhagen. Guests can climb the spiral staircase upwards looking perilously at the central hole at the center of the stairs below as they make their way up to the Planetarium and Observatory at the top of the building. The tower holds a distinction amongst Denmark landmarks as it was used for triangulation later in the 1700s, serving as point zero.

5. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek: This particular landmark is ideal for art lovers, boasting an extensive collection of ancient sculptures from around the world. The housed collection showcases works from ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt and is built upon the personal collection of Carl Jacobsen. There are also many fine paintings found in the museum as well from well known masters like Picasso, Renoir and Monet. But, the museum also houses works from the Golden Age of Danish history too, making it an ideal stop for history buffs and art lovers alike.

6. Oresund Bridge: The bridge that connects the southern part of Sweden to Denmark may not seem like a true tourist destination, but one look at the double railway bridge tunnel dubbed Oresund and it’s easy to see why this curving marvel of modern engineering is in itself an attraction. A five mile stretch of bridge leads passengers to an artificial island which gives way to an underwater tunnel that is nearly two and a half miles long. In all of Europe, Oresund is the longest combined road and rail bridge, and it provides an easy and awe inspiring connection point between popular destinations. Of all Denmark landmarks, the Bridge at Oresund is one not to miss.

7. Hans Christian Andersen Haus: Certainly anything involving famed former resident Hans Christian Andersen ranks high amongst Odense attractions, as it’s here where some of the most well known works in all literature were brought to life. At the former home of the beloved author, one of the most well known Denmark landmarks, guests can enjoy festivals, parades and other events as well to make an entire day’s worth of activity in the birthplace of fairytales.

8. Legoland Billund: Lego Building blocks got their start in Denmark, and right next to the original factory where the familiar stacking toys were first made can be found the original Legoland, the most popular theme park in the country and one of the most well known Denmark landmarks. It’s an entire park devoted to the building toys, complete with themed zones for all the different types of Legos available. Guests of all ages will enjoy the park and its numerous activities.

9. Egeskov Castle: Guests visiting the southern Funen region should not miss out on the chance to check out Egeskov, a four hundred and fifty year old castle that is considered one of the best and most well preserved examples of a moat castle in all of Europe. It’s situated in an idyllic, woodsy setting and resembles something straight out of a fairy tale. Many Denmark landmarks can transport guests back in time, and Egeskov does it better than most. With over two thousand window panes and iconic castle details, visitors on guided tours will enjoy their storybook visits and a trip back in time.

10. Faroe Islands: About midway between Norway and Iceland can be found the tiny archipelago known as Faroe, part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The islands are known for their unspoiled beauty, majestic cliffs and local wildlife. Birdwatchers and nature lovers alike will undoubtedly find few places as pristine and awe inspiring as the Faroes. Of all natural Denmark Landmarks, the Faroes are truly unique, boasting fascinating landscapes, stunning waterfalls and once in a lifetime opportunities.