Top 10 Interesting Rocky Mountain National Park Facts

Rocky Mountain National Park FactsThe Rocky Mountain National Park facts are extremely varied, but most pertaining to the history of the park, including the wildlife and the environment.

The top 10 Rocky Mountain National Park facts can be seen below:

1. Rocky Mountain National Park was acquired during the Louisiana Purchase in 1803; it measures 415 square miles or 265,761 acres in size.

2. Between 1930 and 1940, the spread of African frogs to Colorado brought a deadly disease to the rest of the amphibian population. This affected much of the Rocky Mountain National Park wildlife, especially frogs. The leopard frog is now extinct in this area.

3. More than 1700 people volunteer working throughout the park each year. As one of the most interesting Rocky Mountain National Park facts, it is calculated to the equivalent of over 100,000 hours of their time.

4. During the Christmas season, more than 48 species and over 3451 birds migrate to Rocky Mountain National Park.

5. There are over 150 different types of historic structures in Rocky Mountain National Park, including Timber Creek Campground, which was erected in 1939.

6. Rocky Mountain National Park facts also include the large number of flowers. There are more than 1000 types. Because the altitude is so different, spanning between 7600 feet to over 14,000 they grow in all types of habitats.

7. Rocky Mountain National Park lodging is varied and diverse. You can choose to camp on the grounds or select a cabin or cottage. They even have vacation homes available.

8. Rocky Mountain National Park is only 71 miles outside of Denver, Colorado. This is one of the reasons why it tops the list of things to do around Denver. The other reason is the natural beauty. There are more than 100 lakes and 60 mountains.

9. Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park is the highest, continual highway in all of the United States. The maximum height is 12,183 feet. Although construction started in 1929, it was not fully paved until the early part of 1940.

10. There are more than 800 Bighorn sheep located in Rocky Mountain National Park.