Top 10 Interesting Facts In Yellowstone National Park History

Yellowstone National Park HistoryYellowstone National Park history is long. The park was established in 1872. It is so large that is extends into Montana and Idaho. The United States Congress declared the park a historical site and it is protected on all boarders.

Yellowstone National Park history is unique because of the natural springs and geysers. Of all of the national parks in the United States, this one is the most wondrous. You can literally spend a week exploring and never encounter the same attraction twice.

The top 10 interesting Yellowstone National Park history facts are featured below:

1. Yellowstone National Park history begins with the Aboriginals. They lived here for 11,000 years. They were the first inhabitants and only people allowed on the land.

2. Yellowstone National Park geysers cover the 3,472 square miles of land. There are over 300. They all vary in eruption times and heights.

3. Yellowstone National Park wildlife includes 67 types of mammals. They range from ungulates, bears, fish, reptiles and wolves. There are 322 different bird species.

4. Yellowstone National Park vacations include over 3 million visitors each year. The combination of summer and winter attractions bring people for hundreds of miles.

5. The Caldera is the name of the Yellowstone National Park volcano. The last time it erupted was 70,000 years ago. Geologists predict an eruption is imminent within the next few years.

6. In 1978, Yellowstone became worthy of the World Heritage title. By receiving this title, Yellowstone almost doubled the tourist visitation numbers. In just 2 years, the park saw a 45% increase.

7. There are over 1,000 miles hikers can explore. All of the trails are clearly marked by years of erosion. Some are paved and others pure gravel. However, the majority of the park is undeveloped.

8. During 1988, the largest recorded fire almost destroyed approximately 1/3 of the acres.

9. There are about 290 waterfalls that measure 15 feet or taller. They all flow all year. The tallest is the Lower Falls. It measures 308 feet.

10. Yellowstone Lake is approximately 410 feet deep at the maximum depth. However, on average it is only 140 feet deep.