Top 10 Important Notes on Backpacking Across America

Backpacking Across AmericaBackpacking across America is an experience of a lifetime. Along you’re journey you’ll meet many new people, make lasting memories, and learn a lot about the country. Here are 10 important notes on backpacking across America.

1. Pack Lightly – Most inexperienced backpackers pack too much. Pack what you think you need then dump it out and cut the pile in half.

2. Budget – Traveling across America can be expensive even on a budget. Much like backpacking through Europe on a budget, you’ll want to take twice as much money as you originally planned.

3. Plan but be flexible – Planning is important, but there will be some unexpected events and some other sights you’ll want to see. Make sure to be as flexible as possible.

4. The right pack – Your backpack is your life on your trip. Don’t cheap out and find one that fits your body type comfortably.

5. Footwear – You wouldn’t leave for a road trip with cheap bald tires so don’t leave for a backpack trip with cheap uncomfortable footwear. Good hiking boots and comfortable walking shoes are critical.

6. Water bottles – Quality water bottles are a must. You only need one or two because you’ll get more on the way. Have a spare in case you need to use one as a pee bottle.

7. Utility knife – Bring a utility knife for minor repairs and fixes. Backpacking across America is not without its minor glitches.

8. First aid kit – A good first aid kit will help doctor the minor scrapes and bruises.

9. Electronics – Take your iPod and cell phone and make sure you have an extra battery or solar charger.

10. Safety – Even though you’re not in a foreign country you need to remain alert and aware at all times. Unsuspecting backpackers are the ones that get robbed.