Top 10 Fun Things To Do on Jamaica Spring Break

Jamaica Spring Break1. Go Cliff Jumping – Cliff jumping is an exciting and adventurous activity to do on Jamaica spring break for many students who go to Jamaica. The cliffs on the island overlook the beautiful sea, and in places the dive can be an incredible feat. It is not recommended that you cliff dive while consuming alcohol though, to prevent any injuries. Rick’s Cafe is one of the best locations for this activity.

2. Take A Booze Cruise – Jamaica spring break often includes a booze cruise. These cruises include a fully stocked open bar, and the boat cruises around while alcohol is consumed and a huge party is held on the boat. These cruises can range from small and intimate to large and lavish, depending on the specific cruise taken.

3. Take A Zip Line Canopy Tour – A zip line canopy tour can be a wild ride, and a refreshing change from the typical get drunk, puke, and get drunk again routine. A zip line tour through the canopy is an amazing experience, one that is sure to get your adrenaline going. Zip Line canopy tours are rated among the top 10 things to do in Ocho Rios Jamaica.

4. Nude Beach Volleyball – Some of the beaches on the Jamaica island are nude or clothing optional. After students have had a few drinks a game of nude volleyball on one of these beaches is a sure bet. The tropical climate is almost a guarantee that you will not get cold during this activity.

5. Strip Limbo – One of the craziest activities which occurs on Jamaica spring break is strip limbo on the beach. This also happens frequently after the players have had a few, and are not inhibited. Every time a student knocks the bar down a piece of clothing comes off.

6. Paddle Shot – All of the girls are given a paddle, and the goal is to get as many signatures on the paddle as possible. The catch is that a guy will buy the girl a shot, and then paddle her one time with the paddle before signing it. The girl with the most signatures wins.

7. Get To Know The Locals – The locals who live on the Jamaica island can be some very hard partying individuals, who can show students a wild and crazy time Jamaica style. Be careful not to break any of the local laws though.

8. Wet Shirt Contests – During spring break parties are held every day on the beaches, and one of the biggest attractions are the wet shirt contests. Women don a white shirt and then are sprayed or soaked down.

9. Enjoy The Underwater View – Snorkeling and diving are a big attraction with the tropical Jamaica island, and you can also take a glass bottom boat tour if you want the view without actually getting in the water. The wide variety of colorful fish species and fascinating marine animals will thrill and delight almost anyone. Both activities are included in many Jamaica vacation packages.

10. Visit The Clubs And Party – Jamaica is home to some of the best parties and wildest nightlife you can find. During spring break many of the bars and clubs hold crazy contests, offer specials on alcohol and other items, and generally make your trip one that you will not soon forget. Many Jamaica all inclusive resorts have great selection of bar and clubs right on-site so you do not have to drive anywhere after the party.