Top 10 Fun Things To Do in New Zealand

Fun Things To Do In New ZealandSome of the fun things to do in New Zealand may not appeal to many tourists, because they are pretty unconventional. However, this is what makes them the most fun.

The top 10 fun things to do in New Zealand are included below, see how you rate them:

1. Rent a kayak – The most fun things to do in Auckland are in the water so rent a kayak and go the Hauraki Gulf. Change clothes and scale the volcano. At nightfall, let the guide bring you back using the city lights as a beacon.

2. Drop into a cave – During certain seasons, you can go to the Waitomo glowworm caves and using a harness for safety, drop into the cave. You can have two experiences in one.

3. Participate in horseback riding in Dunedin – Many New Zealand tours allow you to gallop along Ocean View Beach. As you smell the air and feel the breeze, you will feel free and exhilarated.

4. Experience OGO Rotorua – If you want some super-fun things to do in Rotorua, try rolling down the grassy hills inside a giant-sized ball.

5. Relax in one of the warming pools – Warm Water Beach off the Coromandel Peninsula ha a pool of water that originates from natural, underground flows that never get stagnant. Unlike some hot springs, the flow is constant.

6. Travel to South Island – This is definitely one of the fun things to do in New Zealand because of the glaciers. They are enormous enough for you to walk on.

7. Go skydiving – New Zealand is famous for skydiving in Queenstown. Just rent a local charter and take a lesson, then you’re off, or out.

8. Go fishing – This is not as boring as it sounds because New Zealand is also known as the capital of trout fishing. You will find species here like nowhere else.

9. Rise early and go to Curio Bay – It may take a little over an hour, but, at the precise time, you can see penguins hop along their trail as they waddle from their nest to look for food.

10. Dive with sharks – If you travel to Auckland, you can swim with the sharks in Ohaku Bay, making this one of the major fun things to do in New Zealand.