Top 10 Facts To Know About Gaudi House Museum in Barcelona

Gaudi House MuseumLocated in Barcelona, Spain the Gaudi House Museum is a favorite place for visitors and locals to visit. The museum is located in Parc Guell (also known as Parque Guell or Park Guell), which is one of Barcelona’s most visited places. Gaudi Park Guell is a garden complex with unique architectural elements designed by Antoni Gaudi himself.

Below is a list of some interesting facts about the Gaudi House Museum:

1. The house was named Torre Rosa by Gaudi. The name reflects his devoutness to the Catholic faith, which he spent a great deal of time devoting his life to studying.

2. Antoni Gaudi lived in the house from 1906 to 1925, which was a year before his untimely death. Gaudi died from injuries sustained from being run over by a taxi.

3. The Gaudi House Museum was not built by Gaudi, but by one of his pupils Francesc Berenguer.

4. The house was bought in 1963 by the Association of Gaudi friends.

5. The museum has multiple levels on each room is themed after one of Gaudi’s pieces of work.

6. Gaudi received training at the Escola Tecnica Superior d’Arquitectura in Barcelona from 1873 to 1877. He was given the title of architect in 1878 after five years of training.

7. Gaudi’s masterpiece was something that he was not able to finish because of his untimely death. The masterpiece was called the Sagrada Familia and is a church that is currently under construction. Gaudi abandoned his secular work and devoted his time to religious designs later in his life.

8. Visiting the Gaudi House Museum is part of an organized tour and costs 11 Euro to enter. The museum is still a work in progress.

9. The museum sees over 1,500 visitors per day, and in 2007 it was visited by over 535,000 people.

10. The idea of building a museum was inspired by the Association of Gaudi Friends with goal of celebrating the centenary of his birth.