Top 10 Cruises To South America and Antarctica

Cruises To South AmericaYou may ask yourself, what do cruises to South America have in common with Antarctica, many might answer, a lot; check your geography and get back to me. In fact, South America and Antarctica are not so different, in distance or beauty. Only about 600 miles separate the two.

Cruises to South America, depending on the one you select, may include ports of call in Antarctica and this adds to their popularity. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of visiting two different continents during one cruise?

The top 10 cruises to South America and Antarctica are listed below:

  1. 20-Day South America and Antarctica Explorer – Holland America – Great for most cruises to Rio de Janeiro and Antarctica. Ports of call include 5 cities in Chile and the Fjords. The Amalia Glacier, Strait of Magellan, Drake Passage and Antarctic Sound.
  2. 21-Day South America and Antarctica Holiday – Holland America – One of the best cruises to South America and Antarctica and includes stops in Chile, Argentina, The Danco Coast and Antarctic Sound.
  3. 21-Day South America and Antarctica Holiday – Holland America – Perhaps one of the top Chile cruises too, considering there are several stops there. Others include, The Palmer Archipelago, Drake Passage and Cape Horn and of course, Antarctic Sound.
  4. 20-Day Falkland Islands – Antarctic Dream – spend time exploring South Georgia and Antarctica for 15 days. Depart and arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina.
  5. 12-Day Antarctic Explorer – Antarctic Dream – A lot shorter than other cruises, but the focus is purely on Antarctica with fewer days at sea.
  6. 11-Day Antarctic Explorer – Ocean Diamond – A classic cruise with ports of call in the South Shetland Islands and Antarctica, then through the Drake Passage into Argentina.
  7. 32-Day Atlantic Odyssey – MV Plancius – A great option if you are looking for Galapagos Island cruises too. This is a full month of pure adventure, with ports of call including, Hope Bay, Weddell Sea, South Georgia and Tristan da Cunha.
  8. 10-Day Introduction to Antarctica – Ocean Diamond – A part of many Argentina cruises, this is really for beginners with ports of call including the Drake Passage, South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.
  9. 12-Day Polar Circle – MV Plancius – If you want to go whale watching, this is the best cruise. Beginning in Argentina and heading through the Drake Passage. Also spending 5 full days in Antarctica before heading back to Argentina.
  10. 8-Day Antarctic Expedition – Antarctic Dream – This cruise spends only 1 day in Antarctica, the remaining 7 are at Punta Arenas, Villa Esperanza and Ushuaia.