Top 10 Bulgaria Tourist Attractions

Bulgaria Tourist AttractionsBulgaria is becoming a popular tourist attraction for vacationers from around the world. Bulgaria is a country that offers a very diverse list of things to do whether it be a romantic stay at the Majestic Hotel Bulgaria or a Jeep safari. Below we review the top 10 Bulgaria tourist attractions:

1. Jeep Safari – This Jeep safari is a knock down drag out water fight that takes place while you’re driving our jeep through the Bulgarian national forest. Day trip also features free beer and Bulgarian dancing. One of the craziest Bulgaria tourist attractions.

2. Mount Vitosha – The mountain features some beautiful scenery and offers great skiing in the wintertime. Visitors can hike and enjoy a ride on the cable lifts during the summer months. A popular ski holiday in Bulgaria.

3. Museum of History – One of the best Bulgaria tourist attractions for history buffs. Museum was built over 100 years ago through donations and volunteer work. It features artifacts explaining the history of the Karlovo region.

4. Walking Tour of Sofia – Walking tour that features the highlights and history of Sofia, Bulgaria from an intimate view point.

5. Bojana Church – Another one of the great Bulgaria tourist attractions for history enthusiasts. This 13th century church is a beautiful piece of Bulgarian middle age architecture.

6. Oslekov House – A restored merchant’s house built in the 19th century. Lavish house that features an Austro-Hungarian style décor.

7. Majestic Hotel Bulgaria – This hotel offers majestic views, comfort, service, and all the amenities to spoil the traveling vacationer. One of the best hotels in Bulgaria

8. Sofia Easter Celebration – Experience the Orthodox Easter celebrations that date back hundreds of years.

9. Primary School – The second school in the entire country to teach children in the Bulgarian language. Located in Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria.

10. St. Dimitar of Salonika – Oldest church in the town of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Original stonework still holds up this 800 year old building.