Top 10 Australia Tourist Attractions List

Australia Tourist AttractionsAustralia tourist attractions vary greatly because there are so many sights to see. But, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed when planning your next vacation and can choose sites that match your level of interest and family needs. However, though we tried very hard to pick a multidimensional Australia tourist attractions to please our readers, please excuse us if we have not included your favorite landmark.

The top 10 Australia tourist attractions are listed below:

1. Sydney Opera House – Undeniably the most popular Australia tourist attraction popping on the top of any list of Sydney attractions, the largest and most populated city on the continent. Its architecture designed by Jorn Utson is the signature landmark that resembles so many different things to visitors, enormous shells glistening in the sun or giant sails of a ship at the backdrop of gorgeous Sydney Harbour. One of the most world renowned engineering and architectural wonders continuously gathers top class performers of opera, ballet and symphony orchestra.

2. Taronga Zoo in Sydney – Sydney Zoo is among signature Australia tourist attractions that must be visited at least once during your stay in the country. Showcasing all the unique and rare species of wildlife on the Australian continent and incredible wildlife species from other parts of the world, the Zoo sits atop the waterfront overlooking iconic landmarks in Sydney, the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the Cove. Taronga Sky Safari is a great way to catch a cable car ride to get excellent aerial views of the Zoo.

3. Great Barrier Reef at Cairns – A true paradise for nature lovers and one of the premiere Australia tourist attractions, the Great Barrier Reef is world’s largest coral reef formations. Great Barrier Reef facts include its massive size that could be even observed from the space. Home to world’s rare and unique marine inhabitants like many species of whales, dolphins, porpoises, sea snakes and over 1500 kinds of exotic fish. Most tourists prefer to come to a small tourist town of Cairns in the far north of Queensland state and set on various snorkeling, diving tours and sightseeing cruises.

4. Great Ocean Road – Winding along the southern coast of Australia, this 150 mile stretch was built to commemorate losses that Australian soldiers suffered during the times of WWI. Today the Great Ocean Road is one of the fantastic Australia tourist attractions encompassing incredible beaches, amazing natural lookouts, wildlife retreats and iconic 12 Apostles landmark, the limestone formations jutting from the ocean.

5. Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne – One of the most popular things to do in Melbourne Australia whether you are just staying there for a couple of days or weeks. It’s not just any shopper’s Mecca but an iconic city destination and historical landmark. Established in the 19th century, it has served for over 120 year as a fresh produce, livestock market and even a cemetery. Queen Victoria Market venues go beyond the ultimate shopping experience and includes street entertainment, carnivals and cafes to please just about any palate.

6. Kakadu National Park – Holds many Australia landmarks, like the Jim Jim falls. The park also has more than 280 different types of birds and 60 different species of mammals. The largest National Park in the country is located 100 miles southeast from Darwin city. The Park has the largest concentration of salt water crocodiles and other endemic fauna species in addition to fantastic natural beauty.

7. Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania – A beautiful natural retreat known for the iconic Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair. The park has an excellent system of hiking trails of various terrain, endemic species of wildlife and flora.

8.Kangaroo Island – Here you can actually see kangaroos up close and even touch them. Also, wallabies, koalas and a host of sea animals are located here. Located in the South Australia the Island is famous for its honey making bees, Australian Sea lions basking on the nearby beaches, sand dunes and incredible koala wildlife reserves.

9. Fraser Island – One of the top Australia tourist attractions due to its large concentration of endemic Australian wildlife and fauna, a place to experience great beaches, go whale watching and diving.

10. Castle Hill in Queensland – One of the amazing natural Australia tourists attractions showcasing the granite monolith rising 900 ft high into the sky and serving as one of the incredible backdrops of the city of Townsville. The locals and tourists love taking various walking trails opening beautiful panoramic vistas of the city.

It is quite apparent that the Australia tourist attractions have a little something for everyone and it is not that difficult to plan a great experience. Hopefully, your next vacation will include a trip to this wonderful continent.

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