Top 10 Arches National Park Hiking Trails

Arches National Park HikingArches National Park hiking is famous for the treasured landscapes and awesome views. When you begin your adventure, you may have a hard time deciding which one is best. The good news is so many trails exist that you can enjoy many.

Arches National Park hiking trails are all very unique. Some are easy, others more moderate. Of course, there are the long trails for those with extra energy. No matter your range of skill, you can participate in a few, at the very least.

The top 10 Arches National Park hiking trails can be seen below:

1. Delicate Arch Viewpoint – This is a somewhat strenuous hike that lasts less than one mile. At the end of the hike, you will see a steep canyon. This is good for small children who still want a bit of adventure.

2. Balanced Rock – A very easy hike that is also less than a mile long. It takes about 30 minutes maximum. The trail is a loop around the wonderfully formed nature-formed rock.

3. Broken Arch – Another one of the shortest Arches National Park trails. This one is approximately 1.2 miles round-trip. If you include the loop, the length is 2 miles. The entire trip takes about 60 minutes.

4. Tower Arch – Begins by entering through Salt Valley Road. This is an accommodating road for many Arches National Park lodging facilities. It is moderately challenging. The length is 3.4 miles and takes about 3 hours to complete.

5. Park Avenue – Although it is only one mile long, it is very steep. The descent ends spectacularly, with a stop at Courthouse Towers. This Arches National Park hiking trail is one of the most popular.

6. Devils Garden Primitive Loop – A very common trail for tourists because it includes all of the most interesting rock formations. It is 7.2 miles in length and has very narrow edges with slick rocks.

7. Double O Arch – Once you pass Landscape Arch, this trail picks up a bit. It becomes challenging. The footing can be a little unstable. The ledges are narrow and high. The distance is 4 miles and it takes about 3 hours to complete.

8. Fiery Furnace – This is more of a labyrinth or maze, filled with narrow canyons and sandstone fins. The trails are not marked so you should make sure you go with a ranger.

9. Courthouse Wash – Only one mile long and a shot climb allows you to view prehistoric rock formations.

10. Sand Dune Arch – A 0.4 mile, 15-30 minute hike that leads into the sand and ends in a secluded area. Here you can view the small arches that have formed over the past few years.