Top 10 Alaskan Cruise Tours Not To Miss!

Alaskan Cruise ToursThis article will list top 10 Alaskan cruise tours and give information on why such tours provide the best possible option of exploring Alaska. Please note that itineraries vary by cruise ship.

Alaskan cruise tours are magic combination of Alaskan exploration done at sea and on land. Sure, you can take an Alaska cruises from Seattle or Vancouver, unfortunately this 7 night round trip adventure will not fully introduce you to the abundance and richness of Alaska glaciers, wildlife, historical and cultural heritage of Alaska. An Alaska tour done by land alone will not bring you up close to the icy walls of the glaciers to take a breath of crispy clean Alaskan air or let you experience Kenai fjords tours.

Alaskan cruise tours allow you to get the most of your Alaska vacation, combining the best of sea and land adventure. During your exhilarating Alaskan cruise tours you will be sailing on best Alaskan cruise ships at sea and riding on deluxe motor coaches on land to take you to the important landmarks of Alaska. During your Alaska land tours you will stay at the best Alaskan hotels and lodges.

Alaskan cruise tours are offered in two major directions: southbound and northbound itineraries. Most northbound cruise tours start at Vancouver sea port and take you on a 7 night cruise adventure ending up in Seward, Alaska. At this point of your Alaskan cruise tour, your land exploration of Alaska begins. Southbound cruise tours, on the other hand, start with the land Alaskan tours (tourists have to fly into Anchorage, Alaska) and ending with a 7 night cruise from Seward back to Vancouver.

Alaskan cruise tours offer hundreds of itinerary and destination options; call your travel agent to help you plan your next vacation depending on your interests and budget preference.

Here is the top 10 list of Alaskan cruise tours we recommend:

1. Any Escorted Alaska Cruise Tour ranges from 10 to 14 nights (Royal Caribbean)
2. 12-nights Northbound Direct to the Wilderness (Princess Cruises)
3. 12-nights Southbound Direct to the Wilderness (Princess Cruises)
4. 11-nights Roundtrip Direct to the Wilderness (Princess Cruises)
5. 15-nights Escorted Grand Denali National Park of Alaska (Princess Cruises)
6. 12-nights Escorted Klondike, Denali and Inside Passage (Holland America)
7. 10-nights Glacier Discovery and Denali Express (Holland America)
8. 13-nights Escorted Glacier Bay, Alyeska and Double Denali (Holland America)
9. 9-nights Glaciers of Prince William Sound and Wilderness Lodge (Cruise West)
10. 16-nights Southbound Denali and Klondike Gold Rush Inside Passage (Cruise West)