Tibet Trekking – What Should I Pack For It?

Tibet TrekkingIf you want to take a vacation and experience Tibet trekking, you will need to know what to pack for this type of adventure. Tibet tours can include mountain treks, Tibet hiking through the beautiful remote countryside, monasteries, and much more. You will need to make sure that you have the essentials packed though, because if you plan on trekking into remote areas you will need to be prepared for almost any eventuality. Tibet trekking means you will need some basic equipment and supplies, so that your trip goes as planned and you are safe the entire way.

Whether you want to see Mount Everest, plan on backpacking around China and Tibet, or just want to trek to the many China tourist attractions during your stay you will need a rugged backpack or rucksack to carry your gear. Make sure that this pack is not too large or heavy for you to carry long distances though. You will also want to include a first aid kit and other medical supplies while Tibet trekking, because in many remote areas it is not possible to purchase these items. Adequate clothing and layers for cold temperatures will also be needed, especially if you are going into higher altitudes. A well insulated jacket should also be included.

Tibet trekking supplies should also include plenty of water, and ideally you should have a camel-back water system if you will be gone all day or longer. If you are hiking for more than a few hours you should also carry plenty of food supplies, camping cook pots and pans, and a portable stove and fuel for this appliance. A tent is also a good idea if trekking will be included in your China tourism experience, so that you have shelter if you are out overnight. A camera can help you record the sights, so you may want to pack one for your trip. As long as you pack correctly, your Tibet trekking adventure can be an amazing experience, one that is both safe and memorable because you are prepared.