Thailand Travel Packages – Which One To Choose?

Thailand Travel PackagesThailand travel packages vary depending on your availability and the sites you want to visit. You can choose a package that features natural and cultural delights or exciting adventures and once in a lifetime experiences. Since most people may only get to visit Thailand once, if they’re lucky, it’s extremely vital that you know which one to choose. You should remember that all packages include cheap flights to Bangkok, so you don’t need to worry about added costs.

Begin by deciding how much time you can dedicate to your trip and follow that up with your own personal taste. Also, consider if you want to stay at a resort or one of the best hotels in Bangkok.

If you are interested, you could always find accommodations at one of the Phuket resorts, especially if you want a package that has more entertainment than sightseeing. Phuket is a great place to unwind and let your hair down.

Ultimately, when you select the Thailand travel package that best fits you as an individual, you can’t go wrong. Listed here are 2 of the best choices, one is 5 days and the other is 8.

– Thailand Central Highlight Tour – 5 days – This is one of the Thailand travel packages that appeals to people who have about a week to spend. As soon as you land, you are whisked Bangkok City where you will see the Temple of the Golden Buddha at Wat Trimitr and Grand Palace. You will see some of the top Thailand tourist attractions on your first day, receive a traditional Thai lunch and dinner including a dancing show.

Your package includes other sites like, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, a crocodile and elephant show, a trip to the JEATH Museum, a ride over the famous ‘Bridge over the River Kwai’ and a quick jaunt along the Death Railway. This is one of the best Thailand vacation packages that allow you to see a vast amount of attractions in just a few days without feeling rushed in any way.

– Chiang Mai Adventure– 8 days – This is one of the most popular Thailand travel packages because it allows you to spend time in the city of Chiang Mai. Your package will likely include a stay at one of the Chiang Mai resorts or you can choose a hotel.

Your first stop will be the Doi Suthep Temple, which dates back to 1383. It overlooks marvelous landscapes and Mount Suthep. Next is Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chiang Man and a climb to Doi Inthanon, which is Thailand’s tallest mountain. Also included is a trip to Chiang Mai Aquarium and the Zoo, as well as a jungle flight where you zip line through the jungle. You will also get to visit with the elephants at Patara Elephant Farm as well as experience an elephant ride through the jungle.

Your last day for both packages is preparation for departure. Since Thailand travel packages always include airfare and transportation, your guide will drive you back to the airport and send you on your way.