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Top 10 Most Famous France Landmarks Travelers Talk About

Situated in the far western reaches of Europe along the Bay of Biscayne and the Mediterranean Sea, France boasts the geography and historical allure to make it one of the most popular

5 Best Day Trips From Paris By Train

So you’ve seen everything you wanted to see Paris and have a few days to kill. How about a day trip from Paris by train to fill the last days of your

Top 10 Things To Do In Paris

Paris, France is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. There are several fun and interesting things to do in Paris. Whether you are visiting on vacation or

Chateau de Chenonceau History – Top 10 Interesting Facts!

Chateau de Chenonceau is among many of Loire Valley Chateaux that boast amazing architecture and historical significance drawing thousands of tourists from all over the world.

Top 10 Events in Palace of Versailles History

Versailles Chateau is the most visited attraction in France located in a suburb of Paris and could be easily reached by a 30-minute train ride.

Palace of Versailles Hall of Mirrors Facts

Palace of Versailles Hall of Mirrors is the focal point of many tours of Versailles. Hall of Mirrors is deeply intertwined into the Palace of Versailles history due to many significant historical