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Paris Attractions – Top 10 Must-See Landmarks!

When you visit Paris for the first time, even the second and the third times for that matter, there are the all important Parisian landmarks that no tourist can leave the country

Top 10 Unusual Things To Do In Paris

As Americans we may find some things that the Europeans do a little different or unusual. Vise versa we’re sure. Why not take a look at our list of top 10 unusual

Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Paris

Let’s say that you’ve just landed in Paris and you only a short time to visit. You’re probably wondering what kinds of things are there to do in the City of Lights.

Top 10 Places To Eat In Paris France On A Budget

Finding good places to eat in Paris on a budget, would probably classify as unusual things to do in Paris. This city is not recognized for budget friendly menus, but it’s not