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Top 10 Interesting Outer Banks Facts

The Outer Banks facts of North Carolina are very interesting and super diverse. One could do research for hours and still not come across the same facts twice. These barrier islands keep

Top 10 Places To Visit in North Carolina

It does not get any more “southern” than in North Carolina, this beautiful State situated at the eastern shores of the US facing the Atlantic Ocean is a great place to experience

Outer Banks House Rentals – Top 10 Choices!

Shopping around for Outer Banks house rentals can be a chore especially if you are new to the area. It is vast and filled with tiny little towns that each holds their

Outer Banks Lighthouses: Facts, History and Tours

There are several Outer Banks lighthouses in the area and 3 of them accessible by easy car drive without ferries involved and each one has their own story. For centuries, lighthouses have

Outer Banks Fishing Trips – 5 Best Locations!

Many think of Outer Banks fishing as the chance of a lifetime to find certain species of fish only native in this area. They include Spanish mackerel, flounder, fluke and spot. For