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Top 5 Tromso Hotels in Norway

Tromso is the capital of the Norway’s upper north located 2000 km from the North Pole. City’s unique location makes it possible to admire Tromso Northern Lights splendor, witness mysterious polar nights

7 Interesting Facts about Akershus Castle in Oslo

The Akershus Castle in Oslo has played a very important role in the history of Norway’s capital Oslo by becoming one of the most significant defensive fortresses in Norway and warding off

Cheap Flights To Oslo – 10 Best Deals on The Web!

Everyone knows that finding a cheap flight is almost always a foundation of a great holiday giving you a chance to splurge on other holiday choices like fine dining or a great

10 Most Interesting Norway Fjords Facts

Norway is a country of fjords, narrow elongated passages in the sea that were shaped by giant glacier tongues slicing Norwegian landscape over millions of years.

Norwegian Fjords Cruise – Top 10 Places To Visit!

Norwegian Fjords cruise provide a rare opportunity to sail through Norwegian picturesque mountain valleys, glacier shaped landscapes spiced up by delicate blossoming apple trees in the springtime. Unlike other sea cruise taking

Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim Review

The lively university town of Trondheim is home to Norway’s national sanctuary, the Nidaros Cathedral. Nidaros Cathedral is the most popular religious spot across Norway drawing on average 400,000 tourists annually.