Sydney Nightlife – Top 10 Hottest Spots In The City!

Sydney NightlifeSearching for Sydney nightlife is not as difficult as some might imagine. In fact, there are quite a few exceptional attractions that are very enjoyable. The top 10 hottest spots to enjoy Sydney nightlife are listed below:

  1. The Lord Nelson – This is one of the top things to do in Sydney because it is the oldest pub/hotel with its own microbrewery with over 30 types to sample. If you love Australian beer, this is the place to be.
  2. The Fringe Bar – One of the most exciting Sydney nightclubs, filled with pool tables, bohemian-styled ambiance. The basement comes alive at night where DJ’s spin music into the wee hours.
  3. The Globe Bar – Located in the Observatory Hotel and only minutes away from Darling Harbour. The menu is light, but the music and atmosphere is extreme. When you get hungry, take a short stroll to one of the Darling Harbour restaurants.
  4. The Bondi Hotel is not only a perfect place for backpackers, but it is also one of the most laid-back Sydney hotels. At night, the pub fills with sounds of music and laughter.
  5. Sydney Opera House – Any proper opera aficionado knows that nighttime is the best time for Sydney Opera House events. Arrive early, spend a little time at one of the bars, and enjoy the views.
  6. Cockle Bay Wharf – This is the perfect venue to enjoy Sydney nightlife; it is the largest club in the city. Thousands flock to this stylish dance club so make sure you dress to impress.
  7. The Chinese Laundry – Located directly across from the Cockle Bay Wharf. This club is less trendy and more underground. It is for hard-core clubbers only.
  8. Rhino Bar – Filled with lively revelers who want to party on a smaller scale. The dance floor is very small and can accommodate about 25-30 people.
  9. Sugareef – This club is a little more refined and classy. It features soft, mellow music without feeling pretentious.
  10. DMC – This club is extremely popular among the 20-something crowd, but can be a little difficult to gain entry due to the fussy door attendants.

When you are ready to spend your time enjoying Sydney nightlife, take a pick from any of these hot spots and you will definitely have a great time.

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